John Haller’s Prophecy Update “Geopolitical Delusions” 2016 09 25

The average, reasoning person needs to be added to the “endangered species” list. The world continues to go mad. And who are the most delusional, with few exceptions? The Geopolitical Leaders of the World.

This week’s update, entitled “Geopolitical Delusions” looks at some of the life-altering decisions that are occurring behind closed doors in the smoke-filled rooms of the United Nations. From condemning Israel for so called “Human Rights Violations” to the revival of the Oslo Accords and a demand that Israel return to her borders established in 1949, we are rushing to a flash point that could see Biblical Prophecy come to life before our very eyes and in dramatic fashion.

Some already claims that World War III has already begun. It may have, but the war that is more important in the one for your mind.

Watch the next 4 months of this administration very closely. God will not be mocked, and if a certain POTUS who is already suffering from Delusions of Grandeur gets his way, God may respond with swift and sure judgment on our nation.

In the End Times, Scripture warns us that God will send a delusion. If this is only the echo of that which is to come…well…we need to pray for those who will yet accept Christ before it’s too late.

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