John Haller’s Prophecy Update “The Canary is on Life 2016 08 21

As a follow up to a previous message entitled “The Canary in the Coal Mine”, John ramps up the rhetoric this week with his update entitled “The Canary is on Life Support.”

As many may know, miners used Canaries to warn them of increased levels of dangerous gas in the mine shafts. Due to the canary’s elevated respiration rate and faster metabolism, it would react to fatal levels of dangerous gasses long before human life would be lost. It was an “early warning system” per se.

It is clear that our Prophecy Update Canary is in intensive care as the world continues to crumble around us. Dangerous levels of apostasy are wafting through the air, including the continuing promotion of Islam as an equally valid alternative to the Christian faith, BY ALLEGED EVANGELICAL LEADERS, plus…

The alignment of the nations against Israel in the Middle East

The continued deception by American officials

The snubbing of Israeli athletes during the Olympics

An influx of child brides in Germany

And Lutheran seminars focused on God’s feminine characteristics…plus much, much more!

The canary is in ICU receiving life-sustaining treatment only because our God is patient. But at some point, He put a stop to the falling away and outright defiance of the world against our Creator.

At this rate, if the dangerous gas doesn’t get you, the mine may collapse around you. Now, more than ever, we need to focus on Christ and Him crucified. The world’s heartbeat is slowing and we need to draw close to the heart and mind of Christ before we take a final breath.

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