Left Behind or Led Astray?

Take a fascinating journey with us as we examine the shocking origins of the secret, pre-tribulation rapture doctrine. You will be amazed as we look into Left Behind or Led Astrayadmissions by pre-tribulation leaders who admit that the theory is without clear biblical and historical merit. Join us as we discover the origins of this relatively new doctrine, explore its possible origins among mystics, Jesuits and theologians, and how this doctrine was ultimately disseminated throughout the church. You will be surprised by our stunning conclusion.

Even the leading proponents of the pre-trib theory admit, as we note in this documentary, that there’s not one clear verse, not one clear passage in all of the bible, that actually teaches the secret pre-tribulation rapture theory. In fact, many of the leading proponents further admit that the early church fathers in the first 300 years of church history knew nothing of a secret pre-tribulation rapture. It is vital to examine this relatively new doctrine; what if we are going to go through the tribulation? What if millions of Christians are under the illusion that we’re going to escape that time and are not ready to enter into it? Because of this concern it’s important that we examine this new doctrine. However, we also need to iterate that this is not something that we should divide fellowship over as Christians, because we recognize that this is an in-house debate. There are wonderful, beautiful, good Christians on both sides of the issue in this debate.

Features expert commentary from:
David M. Bennett, Dave MacPherson, Dr. Mark Patterson, Jacob Prasch, Joel Richardson

Running Time: 264 MIN (on two DVDs)

Left Behind or Led Astray

01 Introduction
02 The Apostles & Church Fathers
03 Pseudo-Ephraem
04 The Reformation and Beyond
05 Manuel de Lacunza
06 Edward Irving & Margaret MacDonald
07 John Darby’s Revisionism
08 Division in the Camp
09 Demon Deception
10 The Not So Secret Rapture
11 Pre-Trib, the Occult, and the 20th-21st Centuries
12 Conclusion


An Eye Opening Rebuttal to The Berean Call’s Critique of Left Behind or Led Astray

This roundtable discussion featuring Joe Schimmel, Jacob Prasch and John Haller is our official response to Dr. Paul Wilkinson and T.A. McMahon of The Berean Call regarding comments made on August 29, 2015 at The Berean Call Conference. During his session, Wilkinson attempted to discredit our latest DVD, “Left Behind or Led Astray? Both Wilkinson and T.A. McMahon made some very concerning comments to which we felt it necessary to officially respond.

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