Moriel Teaching Weekend (Fellowship Bible Chapel) 23 and 24 March 2019

Moriel Teaching Weekend
Session 1 -“8 Things ‘Pre-Tribbers’ Don’t Like to Talk About” Jacob Prasch -2019 03 23

Taking direct aim at the recent controversy over the timing of the Rapture of the Church, Jacob Prasch delivers food for thought on the issue of the timing of the “Harpazo”, the great “snatching away” of beleivers prior to, or duing Daniel’s 70 th week. While this is not a salvific question, it has devolved into a passionate debate in eschatological circles. Listen and learn. While any believer who fully understands the trouble that is to come will be so unprecedented and therefore, our desire should be to escape before it all comes down, Jacob takes us on a rational examination of the timing. What if we are somewhere in Daniel’s 70th week before Christ takes us home? This is Part 1 of a very powerful message designed to stimulate your desire to seek wisdom and examine the passages for yourself. Don’t be offended if you don’t agree. Just examine the arguments, pray for wisdom and discernment, and search God’s Word for yourself. That being said, regardless of the when, Come Quickly, Lord Jesus!

Session 2 – “8 Things ‘Pre-Tribbers’ Don’t Like to Talk About, Part 2″Jacob Prasch -2019 03 23

Jacob Prasch ( wraps up the first day of the Moriel Teaching Weekend by concluding his two part message on the the timing of the rapture. Spurned on by intense debate and discussion by some of the best minds in eschatology today, the timing of the rapture has unwittinly become a lightning rod for passionate believers everywhere. Sessions 3 and 4 entitled “The Life is in the Blood” and “Death of the Cults” should be availble on this channel within the next 48 hours. We hope you find this two part message encouraging, stimulating and that it will be a cataslyst for you to embed youself in God’s Word, asking for discernment and wisdom as we all look forward to that time when Christ calls us home.

2019 03 24 Jacob Prasch Session 3 “The Life is in the Blood”

2019 03 24 Jacob Prasch Session 4 “Death of the Cults”

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We have to have discernment when talking about Eschatology withstanding the apostasy in the contemporary church that The Word of God warns would precede the return of Jesus. With the Conviction that ……

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