Predestination – A Heresy!

Predestination has caused many to reject the plain meaning never mind the deeper meaning of Scripture.sekel Lifestyle C / Leefstyl C

You will also find many Eschatological errors because of a overemphasized focus on the wrong view of predestination. This in a time that your Eschatology must be in order! It is sad that people who think they are correct end up so far away from God. If you are involved in this please take note carefully and prayerfully. in these last days God will lead many from error to truth if you are seriously seeking Him. The rest will follow the landslide away from God.

Predestination – A Heresy! by David Nathan

The subject of predestination or election is a branch of theology that has its origins with the beliefs of Calvin. From his doctrine which supposed that God chooses some to be saved and others to be doomed to hell came such atrocities as apartheid and the holocaust of Hitler. These policies were sanctioned by pastors, ministers and priests because they embraced Calvinism as a true doctrine of the Bible.

If God deems that some are bound for hell no matter how much they might desire salvation then it is acceptable for us to exterminate these whom God finds so deplorable. It is very sad that this wicked doctrine is again gaining popularity in certain denominations but let me now answer your question.

I have read the scriptures you sent me and if we take some of them (many of them do not even suggest or hint at predestination) out of context with the rest of the passage or book that they find themselves in, it would appear that this is indeed a Biblical doctrine. But these verses do not hold up when we expose them to the basics of doctrinal scrutiny.

Predestination is a perversion of the gospel that can only be regarded as a heresy as it preaches another Christ who came to die for some and not all.

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