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We agree with Amir Tsarfati in general about doctrine of Scripture but differ in the view that we don’t see the rapture (Harpazo) PreTrib but between the 6/7 Seal! This results is a slight different view in how things play out in the end! Eschatology >>>

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THE CHAIM REPORT: 24/7 Israel-related news around the world

A response to Understanding the Times? 13 October 2017

A response to 3 PreTrib Teachers (JD Farag, Jan Markell and Amir Tsarfati) and the alleged satanic attack

Believers in The Rapture (shouldn’t fight about it)

Behold Israel >>> 

Special Update on Jerusalem, Dec. 7, 2017.

Current Events Update, Dec. 5, 2017

Current Events Update, Nov 30, 2017.

Update from the Israeli-Syrian border, Nov. 26, 2017

Middle East Update, Nov. 10, 2017

Middle East Update, Nov. 7, 2017

Middle East current events update, Nov. 2, 2017.

Middle East current events update, Oct. 31, 2017.

Middle East current events and Bible prophecy update, Oct. 22, 2017.

Amir’s special update on the September 23 sign, Sept. 23, 2017.

Amir’s update on President Trump’s UN address, Sept. 19, 2017.

Amir’s update on President Trump’s UN address, Sept. 19, 2017

God’s Calendar: The True Meaning of Rosh HaShana

Current Events & Bible Prophecy Update, Sept.13, 2017

Amir addresses global natural disasters in light of Bible prophecy, Israel’s military drill, ministry updates and more.

IDF Northern Command drill simulates large-scale war with Hezbollah


Most extensive exercise of drill held Tuesday with war scenarios from northern borders past Galilee region; Drill to continue through Thursday; IDF: We’re adapting the improvements to the challenges that we see in the context of the northern region and Hezbollah. (Photo: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit), September 12, 2017.

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THE RISE OF THE ONE WORLD RELIGION – Amir Tsarfati Prophecy Update This Week 2017

Profesie, Laaste dae, Nuus, Armagedon, Armageddon, Afspeel van laaste dae,

En die vyeboom bot!
Eschatology >>>
We have to get oil!

Die tyd raak min, maak maar seker jou eskatologiese vertrekpunte is korrek!

We have to have discernment when talking about Eschatology withstanding the apostasy in the contemporary church that The Word of God warns would precede the return of Jesus. With the Conviction that ……

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