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TV Programmes: The Weekend Show
Ep16 Analysis of Deception Pt 1 30:00
Ep15 The Daniel Connection Pt 4 30:45
Ep14 The Daniel Connection Pt 3 30:00
Ep13 The Daniel Connection Pt 2 30:00
Ep12 The Daniel Connection Pt 1 30:00
Ep11 The Daniel Project Pt 4 32:17
Ep10 The Daniel Project Pt 3 32:17
Ep9 The Daniel Project Pt 2 32:17
Ep8 The Daniel Project Pt 1 30:30
Ep7 Cup of Trembling Pt 3 30:00
Ep6 Cup of Trembling Pt 2 30:00
Ep5 Cup of Trembling Pt 1 30:12
Ep4 Reach for the Stars? 30:59
Ep3 The LampLight Project 43:00
Ep2 Noah’s Ark 30:01
Ep1 What is Gv247? 32:55

TV Programmes
An Evening with Pastor David Nathan 1:16:20
An Evening with Prof Siam Bhayro 50:47
Pastor’s Perspective: David Nathan 1:33:38

Short Film Topic: Apologetics
Why believe what you believe? D Harris 1:59
What is truth? D Harris 3:00
What is apologetics? P Williams 1:28
Is Christianity true or false? D Harris 2:39
Claims of Jesus – True or False? J Prasch 2:01
Maths validate Biblical manuscripts J Prasch 2:42
Biblical interpretation J Prasch 4:59
Veracity of the New Testament P Lawrence 6:32
Text used for Bible translation? P Lawrence 6:39
Translation of texts P Williams 2:29
Who chose gospels and letters? P Williams 3:29
Can we trust the NT letters? P Williams 2:16
Are there contradictions in the Bible? P Williams 2:32
Christ – What does it mean? P Williams 1:01
Is Jesus Christ valid? P Williams 1:18
Did Eusebius forge documents? P Williams 2:03
Pliny the Elder – Fraud? P Williams 0.53
Is John’s gospel valid? P Williams 4:06
Is prophecy self fulfilling? P Williams 2:59
Evidence for the resurrection P Williams 3:30
The first church council J Prasch 8:09
Church fathers overview 1 J Prasch 19:36
Church fathers overview 2 J Prasch 12:15
Church fathers overview 3 J Prasch 12:19
Evidence for the Torah S Bhayro 5:48
Genesis v Gilgamesh accounts S Bhayro 5:31
Answers in Genesis S Ham 2:26

Short Film Topic: Archaeology
Evidence for ancient Israel P Lawrence 5:26
A brief history of Biblical empires P Lawrence 5:24
Rulers in the New Testament P Lawrence 4:56
The four gospels P Lawrence 2:32
Camels P Lawrence 2:54
Evidence for Solomon’s temple P Lawrence 5:28
Evidence for Abraham, Jacob, etc. P Lawrence 4:51
Nineveh P Lawrence 3:56
Laodicea P Lawrence 2:00
Pergamum P Lawrence 1:50
The conquest of Canaan P Lawrence 4:53
The Dead Sea scrolls P Lawrence 5:12
The Mesha Stele Moabite Stone P Lawrence 1:42
The Philistines P Lawrence 2:57
The Tabernacle P Lawrence 1:49
Text used for Bible translation? P Lawrence 6:39
Biblical authenticity & historicity S Bhayro 4:20
Deciphering ancient texts S Bhayro 3:19
The School of Alexandria S Bhayro 1:35
Flood accounts P Lawrence 7:19

Short Film Topic: Creation / Evolution
What is science? R Oakland 2:07
What is the theory of evolution? R Oakland 2:40
Can organs evolve? R Oakland 2:31
Design requires a designer? R Oakland 1:47
What about Mount Yimnaska? R Oakland 2:16
Order from disorder? R Oakland 2:10
Where did Earth come from? R Oakland 2:40
Why oppose creation? R Oakland 1:27
What about fossils? R Oakland 1:54
The view of Charles Darwin R Oakland 2:34
What about missing links? R Oakland 2:41
What about reproduction? R Oakland 2:25
What about layers and strata? R Oakland 2:16
Implications of evolution? C Matrisciana 2:13
Vestigial organs T Mitchell 1:23
Is belief in ID belief in God? N Iskander 1:49
Any evidence for a selfish gene? N Iskander 1:39
Man evolved from another creature? N Iskander 1:38
Origin of world N Iskander 1:41
Creation in the classroom N Iskander 1:30
About illness, disease and God 2:05
6 Day creation A McIntosh 12:17
Non-Christians doubting evolution A McIntosh 2:56
Creation banned from the classroom? A McIntosh 7:05
Dinosaurs A McIntosh 4:28
Can you define irreducible complexity? A McIntosh 6:02
Does creation close science? A McIntosh 5:40
Evolution requires faith A McIntosh 11:36
Dawkins’ remarks towards creationists A McIntosh 5:23
How does beauty arise in nature? A McIntosh 5:03
Evolution, thermodynamics compatible? A McIntosh 6:38
Is the eye a case of bad design? A McIntosh 7:00
The age of the earth A McIntosh 14:24
Where do we come from? A McIntosh 2:40
Limits with cross breeding S Burgess 1:49
The God of the gaps S Taylor 1:51
Soft tissue in fossils S Taylor 3:15
Is evolution a science stopper? S Taylor 1:56
Intelligent design S Taylor 3:44
Are we here by chance or design? S Taylor 2:59
S J Gould’s remarks S Taylor 2:52
About Dawkins’ remarks S Taylor 2:43
The Book of Genesis S Taylor 5:06
Can Genesis be taken literally? 1 A McIntosh 2:03
Can Genesis be taken literally? 2 S Taylor 2:59
From Adam or ape? S Taylor 2:17
Any new designs by natural selection? S Taylor 1:40
Examples of intelligent design S Taylor 1:33
Did the engineer do a poor job? S Taylor 2:20
Free thinking groups S Ham 2:26
Evolution compatible with Christianity? S Ham 1:56
Why are people against creation? S Ham 1:57
Evidence against intelligent design S Burgess 2:03
Is evolution theory controversial? S Burgess 1:58
Limits with cross breeding S Burgess 1:49
Does ID hold back science? S Burgess 1:17
Evidence for intelligent design S Burgess 3:14
Micro and macro evolution S Burgess 1:58
Are we really like monkeys? D Menten 8:10
Can evolution belief be harmful? D Menten 6:03
The eye and the ear D Menten 8:49
The Scopes Trial D Menten 21:23
Cephalopod’s eyes a better design? D Menten 8:06
Human fetus has gill slits? D Menten 7:38
Lucy D Menten 14:01
Why not believe evolution? D Menten 7:43
Is natural selection evolution? G Purdom 2:08
Made in God’s image G Purdom 2:17
Theistic evolution G Purdom 2:50
Why believe evolution? G Purdom :58
Have you believed in evolution? N Jeanson 2:30
Why scientists believe evolution? N Jeanson 4:59

Short Film Topic: Science
Are science and faith harmonious? N Iskander 1:59
Cell complexity N Iskander 2:57
DNA code N Iskander 1:47
What is science? N Iskander 2:20
What is science and theory? D Faulkner 3:04
Theory of relativity D Faulkner 1:15
Advice for the student A McIntosh 2:39
Are mistakes ever made in science? A McIntosh 6:08
Are science and faith harmonious? A McIntosh 4:00
Biology engineering viewpoint A McIntosh 7:48
Carbon-14 dating – Coal A McIntosh 4:14
Entropy in the early universe A McIntosh 3:13
Scientific evidence for young earth? A McIntosh 4:43
Machines in nature DNA A McIntosh 10:44
Intelligent design 2 A McIntosh 4:36
Metamorphosis A McIntosh 4:16
The Big Bang and Theromdynamics A McIntosh 12:35
The laws of thermodynamics A McIntosh 2:49
Where is science headed? A McIntosh 6:26
What is science? S Taylor 1:19
Science – Used for both good and evil S Taylor 2:03
Extra terrestrial life S Taylor 2:55
Carbon-14 dating S Taylor 3:14
Are science and faith compatible? S Taylor 3:24
An engineers view on ID S Taylor 2:49
Bio inspired design S Burgess 1:54
Copying natural engineering S Burgess 1:55
Design S Burgess 1:36
Natural engineering S Burgess 1:49
Natural colour schemes S Burgess 1:29
Observation vs Spectulation S Burgess 1:07
Creation / Evolution scientists treated differently A Snelling 7:23
Largest organ of the body D Menten 3:22
Placenta D Menten 9:25
The skeleton D Menten 10:28
Hair D Menten 6:35
Muscle of Muller D Menten 3:01
Our senses D Menten 4:57
The spleen D Menten 2:35
When does life begin? D Menten 7:28
Complexity of the cell N Jeanson 12:12

Short Film Topic: Genetics
What about biology? R Oakland 2:02
Is there any truth to Adam & Eve? G Purdom 1:57
Are we bananas? G Purdom 1:35
Are we just stardust? G Purdom 1:46
BioLogos teaching G Purdom 1:12
Can cells become more complex? G Purdom 1:09
Can you explain mutations? G Purdom 3:54
Could we have evolved? G Purdom 1:41
Critical thinking in the classroom G Purdom 1:40
Darwin and genetics G Purdom 1:57
Did DNA start as RNA? G Purdom 1:47
Endosymbiosis theory G Purdom 2:11
Are there limits to genetic change? G Purdom 2:00
Genetic similarities between man & ape G Purdom 3:04
Links between man & ape? D Menton 1:26
Does homosexuality have a genetic basis? G Purdom 1:46
Is there any hope? G Purdom 1:13
Can morality be explained by genetics? G Purdom 1:54
Overview of a cell G Purdom 2:09
What are eugenics? G Purdom 2:48
What is ATP synthase? G Purdom 1:07
What is DNA? G Purdom 1:37
What is epigenetics? G Purdom 1:50
Links between man & ape? D Menton 1:26
Similarities to apes D Menton 4:08
Are Mendel’s experiments valid? N Jeanson 1:46
What is DNA? 2 N Jeanson 2:20
How does DNA work? N Jeanson 4:38
Limits of change in DNA N Jeanson 7:40
Origin of species N Jeanson 12:12
Overview of the cell N Jeanson 6:14
What about RNA? N Jeanson 3:03

Short Film Topic: Geology
Are there examples of transitions? A Snelling 2:10
Dr Andrew Snelling – Testimonial A Snelling 4:23
How is the Earth’s age dated? A Snelling 7:11
The fossil record explained A Snelling 8:51
Extensivness of the cretaceous layers A Snelling 6:20
How is coal formed? A Snelling 7:11
The main types of rock A Snelling 3:24
What about rapid petrification? A Snelling 2:50
Dating of sedimentary rocks A Snelling 9:41
Quick sedimentary rock deposits A Snelling 9:41
What about the days of Peleg? A Snelling 8:22
What is geology? A Snelling 1:22
What is uniformitairanism? A Snelling 10:17
The uniformitarian view R Oakland 2:38
Mount Yimnaska R Oakland 2:16

Short Film Topic: Astronomy
Astronomer and Christian D Faulkner 2:25
Backwards plannets D Faulkner 1:55
Complexity of the earth and universe D Faulkner 2:34
Conditions at the big bang D Faulkner 2:23
End of the world D Faulkner 5:11
ETs and UFOs D Faulkner 2:26
Evidence for a young earth D Faulkner 7:01
Features of earth D Faulkner 5:49
Lunar eclipses – The return of Christ D Faulkner 1:45
Quasars and black holes D Faulkner 2:21
Red shift D Faulkner 1:28
The cosmological principle D Faulkner 1:28
Star of Bethlehem D Faulkner 1:47
Times and seasons D Faulkner 3:24
What is big bang theory? D Faulkner 5:25

Short Film Topic: The End Times
Eschatology – the end times J Prasch 2:31
What is the rapture? J Prasch 4:11
What is the millennium? J Prasch 4:54
What is the antichrist? J Prasch 4:33
What is Armageddon? J Prasch 1:27
What is Biblical prophecy? J Prasch 3:14
Prophecy and Prediction J Prasch 3:14
Israel in prophecy 1 J Prasch 3:22
Israel in prophecy 2 J Prasch 3:13
War in the Middle East J Prasch 3:52
Is the media biased? J Prasch 4:48
The Messiah in prophecy J Prasch 5:12
Global control J Prasch 4:20
The abomination of desolation J Prasch 3:20
Modern Israel predicted J Prasch 5:11
666 The number of The Beast J Prasch 5:06
Rebuilding the temple J Prasch 4:47
Armageddon J Prasch 4:08
Searching for the truth J Prasch 6:15
Examples of fulfilled prophecy J Prasch 2:31
Blood sacrifice in the millennium J Prasch 3:14
Are the prophecies self-fulfilled? J Prasch 2:00
Haven’t there always been disasters? J Prasch 7:09
Are we in the last days J Prasch 1:14
Do Christians want Armageddon? J Prasch 2:30
Cain / Abel Olivet Discourse 1 J Prasch 13:57
Cain / Abel Olivet Discourse 2 J Prasch 5:46
Bible Prophecy no longer taught? J Prasch 4:04
Prophecies still to be fulfilled? J Prasch 4:03
Pre, A or Post millennialism? J Prasch 4:54
Is there any escape? J Prasch 4:23
Rapture J Prasch 44:05
Tribulation viewpoints J Prasch 6:03

Short Film Topic: Faith Groups
The New Age Beliefs D Harris 3:11
The New Age: The outcome D Harris 3:22
The New Age in the church D Harris 3:12
The New Age: An introduction D Harris 2:58
The Christian Science faith D Harris 3:09
The Jehovah Witness D Harris 3:20
Roman Catholic tradition 1 D Harris 2:59
Roman Catholic tradition 2 D Harris 3:05
The Bahai faith D Harris 3:12
The Christadelphian faith D Harris 3:20
The Mormons 1 D Harris 3:13
The Mormons 2 D Harris 1:41
Alternative therapies: DH 1 D Harris 2:20
Alternative therapies: DH 2 D Harris 2:15
Reincarnation D Harris 3:27
Do all roads lead to God? R Oakland 2:19
Many ways to to God? J Prasch 7:34
Biblical Christianity unique C Matrisciana 2:55
Hinduism & Evolution connected C Matrisciana 1:51
Reincarnation or Resurrection C Matrisciana 2:39
What is Hinduism? C Matrisciana 2:10
What is Reincarnation? C Matrisciana 3:17
The epic of Gilgamesh S Bhayro 5:31
Zoroastrianism S Bhayro 2:01

Short Film Topic: Angels & UFOs
UFOs & ETs: What the Bible says J Prasch 13:20
UFOs and the Bible D Harris 2:55
Life on other planets D Harris 1:16
What are Angels? S Bhayro 2:37
What are Nephilim, Demons? S Bhayro 5:46

Short Film Topic: Spiritual Deception
What is the occult? 1 D Harris 2:57
What is the occult? 2 D Harris 2:59
What is a cult? D Harris 2:52
Yoga and Christianity D Harris 3:31
What is a Christian cult? D Harris 1:46
How can I know true Christianity? D Harris 3:01
How can I help a cult member? D Harris 3:10
Falling away from Biblical truth D Harris 2:35
Do people know they are in a cult? D Harris 2:35
Contemplative prayer or babble? D Harris 3:03
Christian groups and deception 1 D Harris 2:04
Christian groups and deception 2 D Harris 2:10
Deception: Another gospel R Oakland 2:13
What is spiritual apostasy? R Oakland 2:07
Signs and wonders 1 R Oakland 1:54
Signs and wonders 2 R Oakland 1:56
God allows us to be deceived R Oakland 2:19
Apparitions at Fatima R Oakland 2:14
Queen of heaven R Oakland 2:24
Who can I trust? R Oakland 2:11
Who are you to judge others? R Oakland 2:09
How to recognise deception R Oakland 1:59
How mankind is being deceived R Oakland 2:24
What’s wrong with wanting peace? R Oakland 2:30
A world religion and peace R Oakland 2:21
Can a Christian do yoga? C Matrisciana 1:57
Christians turning to Mysticism1 C Matrisciana 1:40
Christians turning to Mysticism2 C Matrisciana 2:01
Is Halloween a Biblical holiday? C Matrisciana 7:01
Martial Arts C Matrisciana 2:36
The physical aspects of Yoga C Matrisciana 2:15
Alternative Therapies: CM 1 C Matrisciana 3:26
Alternative Therapies: CM 2 C Matrisciana 3:53
What is Yoga? C Matrisciana 3:13
Why isn’t the gospel preached today? J Prasch 4:17
Why did Christianity mutate? J Prasch 6:08
Cults J Prasch 12:19
Replacement Theology A Fruchtenbaum 6:08
Who or what is Satan? J Prasch 1:21
Warning 1 D Menelaws 3:08
False Teachings 2 D Menelaws 6:10
Altered state of concsiousness 3 D Menelaws 1:37
Spiritual deception 4 D Menelaws 3:52
Do not be deceived 5 D Menelaws 3:59
Warnings to the Church – All 5 D Menelaws 17:26
TV Preachers J Alnor 5:59

Short Film Topic: The Bible
Biblical separation C Lawson 9:00
The early Christian church D Harris 1:40
What is the biblical gospel? J Prasch 5:59
Why did Christ have to die? A Fruchtenbaum 8:01
The Bible – literal or allegorical? J Prasch 1:41
Bible translations A Fruchtenbaum 7:30
The names of God A Fruchtenbaum 6:54
The Trinity A Fruchtenbaum 11:52
What is prayer? A Fruchtenbaum 6:45
Tithing A Fruchtenbaum 8:14
Traditions: Christmas + Easter A Fruchtenbaum 7:47
God’s Plan For The Jews A Fruchtenbaum 6:41
Law and Grace A Fruchtenbaum 7:45
Palestine: Where it came from A Fruchtenbaum 5:28
Accusations against Book of Daniel P Lawrence 1:58
Acts of the Apostles P Lawrence 2:53
The Torah – Pentateuch P Lawrence 11:43
Angels, cherubim and seraphim P Williams 1:48
Apocrypha P Williams 1:45
Baptism of the Holy Spirit P Williams 1:28
Demons P Williams 1:24
Early Christian problems P Williams 1:03
Early church writers P Williams 1:38
Exegesis and Eisegesis P Williams 1:04
False teaching P Williams 1:47
Following Gods word P Williams 1:48
Giants P Williams 2:05
Hebrew roots – Latin and Greek P Williams 1:57
Hermeneutics P Williams 2:28
How do we read the Bible? P Williams 3:23
Jubilees and Jasher – The Books P Williams 1:23
Matthew – The tax collector P Williams 1:01
Matthew – Written to the Jews P Williams 1:20
Matthew 24 – The temple P Williams 3:15
Nephilim P Williams 2:03
Peter – The rock? P Williams 2:09
Prophecy today P Williams 2:38
Prophecy P Williams 4:08
Repentance and Obedience P Williams 1:16
Revelation P Williams 5:55
Revelation – The seven Churches P Williams 1:27
Satan P Williams 1:10
The Angel of the Lord P Williams 0:52
The Book of Revelation P Williams 1:20
The Church is one body P Williams 1:24
The Gospel of Thomas P Williams 1:56
The Gospel and Acts of the Apostles P Williams 10:50
Jews grafted back in P Williams 1:06
The letters Philemon – Jude P Williams 11:01
The letters Romans – Titus P Williams 11:51
The Lord’s coming P Williams 3:58
The Resurrection P Williams 1:30
The Resurrection – Matthew P Williams 2:31
Was Jesus just a man? P Williams 2:29
What is a Christian? P Williams 1:02
What is the church? P Williams 2:18
Who is God? P Williams 1:39
Who is Jesus Christ? P Williams 2:00
Women in the church P Williams 4:42
The Magi D Faulkner 1:36
Can we trust Genesis? S Ham 1:36
Created in God’s image S Ham 2:24
Not taking Genesis literally could affect faith S Ham 1:53
Is the book of Genesis important? S Ham 1:19
Marriage and same sex relations S Ham 3:27
Angels and demons J Prasch 16:38
Becoming a Christian J Prasch 2:41
Cherubim and seraphim J Prasch 15:22
Customs and traditions J Prasch 6:41
Dispensationalism J Prasch 23:47
Hebrew root J Prasch 7:31
Higher criticism J Prasch 4:40
Prayer and intercession J Prasch 26:36
Preterism J Prasch 4:32
The word of God J Prasch 8:07
Theology J Prasch 18:34
What is a Christian? J Prasch 6:12
What is a disciple? J Prasch 18:21
What is a prophet? J Prasch 16:29
Why did Jesus have to die? J Prasch 16:29
Covenants S Bhayro 4:44
Dispensationalism S Bhayro 2:28
Doctrinal error – misogyny S Bhayro 4:50
How to read the Bible S Bhayro 3:06
Genesis literal – The Flood? S Bhayro 3:02
Creation accounts S Bhayro 1:31
God’s revelation complete – New traditions S Bhayro 4:18
Job – The oldest book S Bhayro 3:47
Overview: Old Testament History S Bhayro 9:59
The Millennium S Bhayro 2:19
The Trinity S Bhayro 3:21
What is a Biblical Prophet? S Bhayro 8:11
What is the Bible? S Bhayro 7:21
What is the Gospel message? S Bhayro 1:23
What is the purpose of Bible? S Bhayro 2:47
What or who is Lucifer? S Bhayro 2:16
What or who is Satan? S Bhayro 9:58
Who is God? S Bhayro 1:46
Who is Jesus? S Bhayro 2:27
Why did Jesus have to die? S Bhayro 4:36

Short Film Topic: Shepherds Corner
Are there Christian rules? David Nathan 7:17
Christian leadership – What should it be? D Nathan 4:58
God is holy – What does this mean? D Nathan 4:07
Hebrew Roots movement D Nathan 13:37
Is Hell real and what is it? D Nathan 6:43
The Great White Throne Judgement D Nathan 4:37
What are principles of Christian living? D Nathan 2:06
Propriety C Lawson 15:09
Advice for youth leaders C Lawson 9:58
Biblical worldviews C Lawson 9:52
Standard for youth leaders C Lawson 8:55
Uncompromising leaders C Lawson 9:02
Disputes between brethren? D Nathan 1:52
What is a follower of Jesus? D Nathan 3:23
What is an approved workman? D Nathan 3:54
What is Christian marriage? D Nathan 3:31
What is Christian love? D Nathan 3:08
What is judging? D Nathan 4:11
What is sin and sin nature? D Nathan 11:24
What is The Church? 2 D Nathan 21:24
Importance of Christian fellowship? D Nathan 2:26
When is a church too big? D Nathan 7:53

Short Film Topic: Testimonies
Doug Harris 1:13
Roger Oakland 2:37
Jacob Prasch: Search for truth 6:15
Steve Ham 1:24
D Nathan 2:14
Dr Andrew Snelling 4:23
Dr David Menton :57
Dr Georgia Purdom :42
Dr Nathaniel Jeanson 1:45
Dr Tom Mitchell 1:23

Short Film Topic: The Daniel Project
TDP Trailer 3:50
Biblical Christianity J Prasch 4:18
Bible v Nostradamus J Prasch 3:50
Prophecies on The Daniel Project film J Prasch 1:50
Who is Daniel? J Prasch 5:19
Mt of Olives J Prasch 4:01
Jeremy & Jacob Meeting 1 13:45
Jeremy & Jacob Meeting 2 12:33
The Escape J Prasch 2:03
CGI model J Hitchen 2:52
Director S Menelaws 11:00
Producer D Forrest 7:28

Short Film Topic: Parables
The Wheat and Tares J Prasch 20:20
Ten Virgins 1 J Prasch 21:26
Ten Virgins 2 J Prasch 18:36
The Talents J Prasch 17:35
The Mustard Seed J Prasch 16:39
Hidden Treasure J Prasch 7:34
The Drag Net J Prasch11:40

Short Film Topic: What is Midrash?
What is Midrash? 1 J Prasch 11:21
What is Midrash? 2 J Prasch 16:04
What is Midrash? 3 J Prasch 15:46

Short Film Topic: The Jewish Feasts
7 Festivals: Overview A Fruchtenbaum 5:03
Passover A Fruchtenbaum 9:54
Unleavened Bread A Fruchtenbaum 2:27
Feast of First Fruits A Fruchtenbaum 2:49
Feast of Weeks A Fruchtenbaum 5:39
Feast of Trumpets A Fruchtenbaum 3:08
Day of Atonement A Fruchtenbaum 5:27
Feast of Tabernacles A Fruchtenbaum 1:56
Feast of Purim A Fruchtenbaum 5:36
Hanukkah A Fruchtenbaum 2:38

Short Film Topic: Ethics
Doctors and abortion T Mitchell 2:17
Euthanasia T Mitchell 3:13
Gender identity T Mitchell 3:32
Hope for young people T Mitchell 3:02
Is there a good death? T Mitchell 1:02
Stem cells and cloning? T Mitchell 3:16
What about suicide? T Mitchell 2:00
What to say to evolutionists T Mitchell 2:22
Why do men have nipples? T Mitchell 1:24
Why does God allow suffering? T Mitchell 1:38
When does life begin? G Purdom 1:43
Ethical abortions D Menton 5:26
Homosexuality D Menton 6:03

The Lamplight Project
The Lamplight Project trailer 2:36
Section 1: Introduction 9:29
Section 6: Jesus Christ – The Gospel 26:52
Final Encouragement 3:35

The Daniel CONNECTION Trailer 2:18

The Jesus Film
The Jesus Film – full 2:07:45

En die vyeboom bot!
Eschatology >>>
We have to get oil!

Die tyd raak min, maak maar seker jou eskatologiese vertrekpunte is korrek!

We have to have discernment when talking about Eschatology withstanding the apostasy in the contemporary church that The Word of God warns would precede the return of Jesus. With the Conviction that ……

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