“Technocracy” and “Transhumanism” by Patric Wood

2017 08 26 Session 1 – FBC Presents Patrick Wood “Technocracy”

In Session 1 of our weekend Prophecy Conference featuring Patrick Wood. The founder of Revelation Gate Ministries, Patrick has been at the forefront of technological developments and the modern movement known as “Technocracy”

2017 08 26 Session 3 – FBC Presents Patrick Wood “Transhumanism”

In this Session 2, our guest speaker, Patrick Wood, takes a look at the burgeoning belief that science can conquer death. With billions of dollars being invested in pursuit of eternal life, can man actually achieve this on a secular basis, or is this the new Tower of Babel?

Believers already know the answer…it is already a free gift to those who accept Christ and believe that He died for our transgressions. Man’s attempt will end in futility, but the progression of the technology may affect all of us.

2017 08 27 Session 6 – Patrick Wood – “Babylon Rebuilding – The Rise of Global Cities”

In our final session of the 2017 Columbus Bible Prophecy Conference, our featured speaker, Patrick Wood, examines the issue of “Mystery Babylon.”

Throughout history, many have debated the meaning behind this reference in Scripture. Is is a city? A system? A people? And when and how will its demise occur?

Patrick’s position is that it is an actual city, and he makes a compelling argument in his presentation entitled “Babylon Rebuilding – The Rise of Global Cities” The world agenda is taking hold and while we must be aware, we should not be discouraged because it is just one more sign that the True World Ruler is about to make some noise.

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