Properly Understanding the Rocks

A simple, powerful model for classifying rock formations within a biblical framework.


Biblical Geology

Properly Understanding the Rocks

by Tas Walker

See here how easy it is to develop a simple, powerful model for classifying rock formations within a biblical framework.

A biblical geological model? What is a model? Is a biblical geological model scientific?    More.

The linking problem. A biblical geological model links two sources of information, namely, the written biblical history and the observed geological data. It is vital to get the link right.    More.

Major Dimensions. When we start with the Bible we can work out a broad framework for Earth history. And we can be confident it is correct because we believe the biblical record is accurate.    More.

Biblical chronology. Before you or I or anyone else can develop a geological model we need to know what happened on the earth in the past—we need an earth history. The Bible is accurate record from which we can obtain a detailed chronology.    More.

Development of the model. Drawing on our understanding of geological processes we will think about the biblical text from a geological point of view. In particular we will ask the question “What would we expect to find?”    More.

Overview of the model. The basic concept of the geological model is quite simple and transforms the way we look at geology.    More.

Detail of the model. To be useful for scientific research, the broad framework must be expanded to provide detail of specific events and processes and their time relationships.    More.

Classification criteria for conntecting to geology in the field. Past geologic processes varied in nature and intensity at different times. We can use this to identify geologic characteristics will help classify rocks in accordance with the biblical geological model.    More.

Geological environments and processes. Different phases of Earth history experienced different geological environments and processes. What characteristics would we expect for rocks deposited during each phase?    More.

Application to the Great Artesian Basin, Australia. Now that the biblical model is finished we can classify rocks in the field. Every rock formation on the earth can be placed somewhere within the biblical model because the model covers the entire geological history of our planet from its initial creation to the present time. Let’s see how it works on the rocks of the Great Artesian Basin, Australia.    More

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