The Blood of the Martyrs

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Why is God allowing so many Christian to die? Jan Markell and her guest, Tom Doyle, discuss that and much more. Doyle also shares remarkably uplifting stories from the midst of the persecution of Christians in the Mideast. Doyle has a new book, “Killing Christians: Living the Faith Where it’s Not Sa…

 Laat ons bly opstaan vir die geloof en die vervolgde liggaam!

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We have to get oil and you will not get it from them!

Die tyd raak min, maak maar seker jou eskatologiese vertrekpunte is korrek!

Larkin-Charts-Daniel-and-Revelation Lifestyle C / Leefstyl C
We have to have discernment when talking about Eschatology withstanding the apostasy in the contemporary church that The Word of God warns would precede the return of Jesus. With the Conviction that ……

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