The continued demise of the ANC and general society

The continued demise of the ANC and general society is self inflicted and just continues.sekel Lifestyle C / Leefstyl C

The president of the country gives away more than R170 billion with a uneducated move in sacking the minister of finance without proper thought! And to make it worse the big indunas of the party say they knew it was coming. Rather they lied or spoke the truth than having part in the worst loss of money out of this country since 1994! This in a financial tribulent time. Unbelievable! Then our honorable president just continues on his quest to try and save himself by trying to move the focus back to the racial problems which they are masters at especially when they need votes. People are incited again to remember the past and he keeps hammering on old wounds in a lowly manner to deflect his own! Sinking this low on Day of Reconciliation 2015! Do you not have anybody better to put forward as leader or are you just trying to save the votes you can at this stage.

To try and take a country into socialism and then communism in the 21st century is not only stupid but very short sighted.

The ANC believed the wrong Karl!

Excerpt from The Economist “Most new plans for the economy are now drawn up by two communists, Ebrahim Patel, the economic development minister, and Rob Davies, a trade minister who doesn’t seem to think much of trade. Their model is China. An ANC policy document gushes that the economic “leadership of the Communist Party of China… should be a guiding lodestar of our own struggle.” Many in the ANC like the idea that the ruling party should control businesses directly, and China’s recent troubles probably won’t change their minds”

Karl Popper said “I realised that in the quest to create equality (of outcomes), freedom will inevitably be lost. And eventually in the society of the unfree there won’t even be equality left”.

The makes one realize the extent of the Gospel everyone has received in this country. It has to be very shallow or non existent. We are supposed to get clever when you read the Bible and not dumb.

Please consider the fact that we have been missing the mark because of bad theology and so called enlightenment which gives you the farce that you can survive without dependence on and guidance by the God of the Bible. If most of us are still Christian we have to be salt and light!

Most of us in this country which is debatable anyway say that they hold to the Christian faith. The Bible is forced out of the school and every institution by the ANC and people are just standing around watching this and saying less and less. The Lord is coming back and we had beter wake up! What has happened to the ANC has happened to the society as well. The Bible has been rejected and what do you think will be the end of it all! Do you think God would just let it be?

The ANC meet with Hamas an openly accepted Terrorist Organization and they have not turned back from it. Mr Mantashe curses Israel with them and the next week the whole country erupts and Mr Mantashe and the whole ANC stand with egg on the face. You had better sever your ties with them or bare the consequences. You have forsaken this country. It is God who decides who is the king of the country. When I look at the current administration I think it was more like judgment on a moral decaying and godless society than a blessing! You had a chance and it is running out fast. I observe fuming and arrogant leaders who do not make anyone feel that they are a good example to follow. Can you listen to their logic and moral guidance? You have seen what type of example you have set to the youth! Disrespect of person and property!

The Dutch Reformed Church is the only Church in Africa that is busy on the path to ordain openly gay people and allow them to live in adulterous relationships with the blessing of the Church. Again much to close to the ruling party of the day and it’s institutes. The wheat and the tares don’t grow up in the church, they grow up in the world then they will be separated on that day! They had better repent or keep following the same spiral the ANC is in. They are supposed to help society with their moral quest not lead them astray and into open immorality!

Where is the voice of the rest of the religious establishment? I don’t hear a clear rebuke and call to repentance?

While you are still alive you can do something about it and you will stand before God after this.

Rather stand with egg on the face this side of the grave, repent and improve your ways before God while you have the chance.

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