The Global Vision Channel – GENETICS

What is DNA? >>>
What is DNA? G Purdom 1:37
What is DNA? 2 N Jeanson 2:20
What about RNA? N Jeanson 3:03
Did DNA start as RNA? G Purdom 1:47
What is ATP synthase? G Purdom 1:07
Overview of a cell G Purdom 2:09
Overview of a cell 2 N Jeanson 6:14
Can a cell become more complex? G Purdom 1:09
Can you explain mutations? G Purdom 3:54
Are there limits to genetic change? G Purdom 2:00
When does life begin? G Purdom 1:43
The complexity of humans
Placenta D Menton 9:25
The skeleton D Menton 10:28
Largest organ of the body D Menton 3:22
Hair D Menton 6:35
Genetic arguments against evolution
Could we have evolved? G Purdom 1:41
Are we really like monkeys? D Menton 8:10
Darwin and genetics G Purdom 1:57
Endosymbiosis theory G Purdom 2:11
Genetic similarities of man and ape G Purdom 3:04
Are we bananas? G Purdom 1:35
Are we just stardust? G Purdom 1:46
Is natural selection evolution? G Purdom 2:08
Limits of change in DNA N Jeanson 7:40
Origin of species N Jeanson 12:12
Are Mendel’s experiments valid? N Jeanson 1:46
What are eugenics? G Purdom 2:48
What is epigenetics? G Purdom 1:50
Biblical faith and evolution
Why believe evolution? G Purdom :58
Have you believed in evolution? N Jeanson 2:30
Made in God’s image G Purdom 2:17
BioLogos teaching G Purdom 1:12
Theistic evolution G Purdom 2:50
Can belief in evolution be harmful? D Menton 6:03
Is there any truth to Adam & Eve? G Purdom 1:57
Ethical considerations
Can morality be explained by genetics? G Purdom 1:54
Any evidence for a selfish gene? N Iskander 1:39
Does homosexuality have a genetic basis? G Purdom 1:46
Is there any hope? G Purdom 1:13
Critical thinking in the classroom G Purdom 1:40
Geneticist introductions
Dr Nathaniel Jeanson – Introduction N Jeanson 1:45
Dr David Menton – Introduction D Menton :57
Dr Georgia Purdom – Introduction G Purdom :42

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We have to have discernment when talking about Eschatology withstanding the apostasy in the contemporary church that The Word of God warns would precede the return of Jesus. With the Conviction that ……

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