The Global Vision Channel – SHEPHERDS CORNER

Are there Christain rules? D Nathan 7:17

Christian leadership – What should it be? D Nathan 4:58

God is holy – What does this mean? D Nathan 4:07

Hebrew roots movement D Nathan 13:37

Is hell real and what is it? D Nathan 6:43

Testimony D Nathan 2:14

The great white throne judgement D Nathan 4:37

What are principles of Christian living? D Nathan 2:06

Disputes between brethren? D Nathan 1:52

What is a follower of Jesus? D Nathan 3:23


What is an approved workman? D Nathan 3:54

What is Christian marriage? D Nathan 3:31

What is Christian love? D Nathan 3:08

What is judging? D Nathan 4:11

What is sin and sin nature? D Nathan 11:24

What is the church? D Nathan 21:24

Importance of Christian fellowship? D Nathan 2:26

When is a church too big? D Nathan 7:53

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