The Global Vision Channel – The 7 Festivals

The Global Vision Channel

7 Festivals 7 Holy seasons

Overview A Fruchtenbaum 5:03

Dr Fruchtenbaum is an author, lecturer and director of “Ariel Ministries”, Arnold is a highly respected theologian who travels widely, teaching biblical exposition from a Jewish perspective.

Passover A Fruchtenbaum 9:54

Unleavened Bread A Fruchtenbaum 2:27

Feast of First Fruits A Fruchtenbaum 2:49

Feast of Weeks A Fruchtenbaum 5:39

Feast of Trumpets A Fruchtenbaum 3:08

Day of Atonement A Fruchtenbaum 5:27

Feast of Tabernacles A Fruchtenbaum 1:56

Feast of Purim A Fruchtenbaum 5:36

Hanukkah A Fruchtenbaum 2:38

The Global Vision Channel

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