The Global Vision Channel – THE END TIMES


What is truth? D Harris 3:00


Why believe what you believe? D Harris 1:59


Eschatology – The end times J Prasch 2:31


Are prophecies self-fulfilled? J Prasch 2:00


Bible vs Nostradamus J Prasch 3:50


What is Biblical prophecy? J Prasch 3:14


Prophecy and prediction J Prasch 4:22


The Messiah in prophecy J Prasch 5:12


War in the Middle East J Prasch 3:52


The abomination of desolation J Prasch 3:20


Rebuilding the temple J Prasch 4:47


What is the rapture? J Prasch 4:11


What is the millennium? J Prasch 4:39


Pre, A or Post millennialism? J Prasch 4:54


Are we in the last days? J Prasch 1:14


Global control J Prasch 4:20


How is mankind being deceived? R Oakland 2:24


Is the media biased? J Prasch 4:48


Israel in prophecy 1 J Prasch 3:22


Israel in prophecy 2 J Prasch 3:13


Modern Israel predicted? J Prasch 5:11


Maths validate biblical manuscripts? J Prasch 2:42


Who or what is satan? J Prasch 1:21


What is the antichrist? J Prasch 4:33


666 – The number of The Beast J Prasch 5:06


A world religion and peace? R Oakland 2:21


What’s wrong with wanting peace? R Oakland 2:30


What is Armageddon? J Prasch 1:27


Armageddon J Prasch 4:08


Do Christians want Armageddon? J Prasch 2:30


UFOs & ETs: What the Bible says J Prasch 13:20


Is there any escape? J Prasch 4:23


Cain / Abel Olivet Discourse 1 J Prasch 13:57


Cain / Abel Olivet Discourse 2 J Prasch 5:46


Biblical Interpretation J Prasch 4:59


Examples of fulfilled prophecy J Prasch 2:31


Prophecies still to be fulfilled? J Prasch 4:03


Prophecies on TDP J Prasch 1:50


Haven’t there always been disasters? J Prasch 7:09


Blood sacrifice in the millennium J Prasch 3:14


Searching for the truth J Prasch 6:15


Falling away from Biblical truth D Harris 2:35


Bible Prophecy no longer taught? J Prasch 4:04


Why did Christianity mutate? J Prasch 2:29


Why isn’t the gospel preached today? J Prasch 4:17


What is spiritual apostasy? R Oakland 2:07


How to recognise deception R Oakland 1:59


Jews grafted back in P Williams 1:06


The Lords coming P Williams 3:58


Rapture J Prasch 44:05


Tribulation viewpoints J Prasch 6:03

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