The Lamplight and Daniel Projects

Why do you believe what you believe?

According to the Bible, the beautiful planet we call Earth was at one time created perfect. Tragically, the rebellious actions of man have left our world broken. With paradise lost – human history records a painful journey of survival and a quest for answers to life’s greatest questions.

This 12 part systematic journey of the Christian faith begins in Genesis with questions on origins, “Where did life come from?” ending in Revelation and the eternal hope for all who have put their trust in God.

The LampLight Project

Daniel Project featured on The Lamplight Project

Our latest multi-media 12 part project – The Lamplight Project – covers a wide range of biblical topics from Origins to the Return of Christ. Sections of The Daniel Project were utilised on this powerful presentation.

The Daniel Project Documentary

The Daniel CONNETION Feature Film 2015 (Available Now!)

From November 16th you will be able to order The Daniel CONNECTION feature film on DVD in both PAL & NTSC formats (Blu-Ray not available at this time).

This special edition DVD version is under a limited licence and is only available direct from the production company Studio Scotland. Global distribution is handled by California pictures and commercial release is still to be confirmed.

The Daniel CONNECTION is rated as a 12 certificate.

Available on DVD now!


The Daniel CONNECTION – premiere

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