The lie of Calvinism!

If I should hold a rope 30 feet above a man at the bottom of a well and plead with him earnestly to take hold of it so that I could pull him out, wouldn’t he think that I was mocking him? And if, in addition, I were to berate him for not grabbing the rope, would he not begin to wish he could grab me by the throat? And how could I maintain to any reasonable persons that I really wanted to bring the man up out of the well but that he was the one who wasn’t willing? So how can God really want to save those to whom He doesn’t extend irresistible grace—that being the only means whereby they can believe the gospel?

There are many books to help you get a handle on this lie of Calvinism.

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What Love Is this

Predestination – A Heresy! >>>

Predestination is a perversion of the gospel that can only be regarded as a heresy as it preaches another Christ who came to die for some and not all.

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