Where is the moral compass of the Christians in the ANC? 2015-08-10

The Editor’s Pretoria News and Sunday Times,

Where is the moral compass of the Christians in the ANC? 2015-08-10

 Why do they not speak up or have they forgotten? You claim that most of the people in the ANC are Christian?

The time when the old woman have been crying before the Lord about the transgressions of the then NP with the assistance of the Dutch Reformed Church seems to be forgotten very soon. Now woman and children of all races are crying again!

The Christians in the ANC and most of the people voting for the ANC seems to have dulled their moral compass after so many years since 1994 and it seems that the people of this country are moving further and further away from God with just a warped political view in mind and no more having the focus on God and His return. Where is the hope for assistance, guidance and help prayed for from the Lord. Now everything is political and the level of corruption and crime is a disgrace for the opportunities this country could provide. The same responsibilities the Christians in the NP had to get their ways on the marketplace and in Church in order before the Lord rests on the Christians in the ANC. You keep going this route with people of this country of all races who still find refuge in the Lord!? Please do not be amazed if it comes to a point where the Lord says enough is enough. The reason you cannot see what the real picture looks like is because you cannot see anymore without putting the bedazzled spin of the world on every situation. Please get back to the basics you as Christians are supposed to cling to. Don’t listen to me. Listen to the Lord because you will face your responsibilities before Him sooner than later.


Danie Strydom

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