Beware the New Prophets

UpDated Book on False Prophets…(Bill Johnson,Mike Bickle)

In 1999 Bill Randles wrote a book, called “Beware the New Prophets”, subtitled”A Caution Regarding The Prophetic Movement”. He wanted to give the church a framework for understanding the whole subject of the gift of Prophecy and it’s relevance for today. Subjects included;

  • Are There Prophets in the Church today?
  • Who was William Branham ? Who are the Kansas City Prophets?
  • Where did the Prophetic Movement come from?
  • What are the tests of True and False Prophets?
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Some of the characters he discussed besides William Branham and the Kansas City Prophets, were Rick Joyner, John Paul Jackson, John Wimber and the Vineyard Movement. Many found it helpful and practice as countless numbers of churches and believers have been deeply damaged by the influx of false Prophets which have been afflicting the church.

A dear friend challenged me to give the book an update, so I revised it adding the following chapters,

Introduction-What Will You Do In The End?

*Why I Wouldn’t Send  Any Kids to IHOP-(International House of Prayer)

*Todd Bentley- a Disaster in Discernemt and Morality

*Bill Johnson-Experienced Based Christianity

*The Slide Into The Occult


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