A Scriptural Response To David Nathan & His Proponents by Jacob Prasch

A Scriptural Response To David Nathan & His Proponents by Jacob Prasch – 14 September 2018

Lifestyle C does not endorse Bread of Life Ministries or David Nathan any more!

David Nathan is no longer the representative of Moriel in South Africa. The new representative is Mike Benade.

With this response by Jacob we concur although we personally have more questions outstanding currently that have not been answered to satisfaction in our own context in South Africa on teachings on Prayer as well as Reformed Theology and the Angel as Restrainer with which we differ with David and which also has led to this decision! For further information to this regard please send me a mail on which I will respond.

David Nathan was recently removed from Moriel Ministries due to doctrinal error. While unfortunate in many ways it was a necessary and urgent decision.
Mr. Nathan issued a response that muddied the waters. Jacob Prasch just arrived in the U.S. from extensive travel through Africa and Asia. He now addresses the situation in detail.

Moriel recently dismissed David Nathan due to doctrinal error being taught. Though Mr. Nathan agreed to change his position, nothing was forthcoming. As a result he was removed from Moriel. In response to his removal David Nathan issued a statement that was permeated with misrepresentations and in some cases, flat out lies. Truth is always doctrinal, not relational. Moriel regrets that it has come to this, but has a responsibility to the body of Christ, especially in light of their promotion of David Nathan, to not only retract the endorsement but to warn against what Mr. Nathan is teaching.

David Nathan’s Right of Reply? (Jacob Prasch Responds)

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In this Q & A, Jacob Prasch addresses the heretical teaching that God The Father is not the creator, but that Jesus created everything independently. In addition to this he addresses another false teaching that men are created in the image of Adam. These teachings have been propagated by David Nathan of Bread of Life Ministries

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A Rebuke To Pastors – Woe to the shepherds. In the last days the sheep will not merely be scattered by wolves and false teachers, but by negligent hirelings who do not protect them as they ought. We see the proliferation of apostasy in these days, and it is largely due to an unprecedented influx in hirelings who care more for their jobs than they do the truth. Jacob addresses this problem of apostasy at the hands of hirelings who are not true shepherds. These clips were compiled from “Jeremiah 23 and the Last Days” found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o0fIx… and “Signatures of Satan” found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q5tzl…

The Davidic Kingdom and the Millennial Reign of Jesus – Jacob Prasch

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