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These are some of the sermons that you will find on the Moriel Ministries website.

Besoek die Moriel webtuiste vir die Afrikaanse stukke hier.

Audio Video Teachings >>>

Audio / Video Teachings

English >>>

The New Galatians

Binding and Loosing

Crucified Life

Midrash (Hermeneutics)

Judge Not

The Mixture

The Living and the Dead

The future history of the church (Recommended Reading)

The typology of the dietary laws

What the Reformers forgot

Chink in the armour

Principles of Persecution

Fall of the house of Saul

House of David:House of Saul

Watchmen who are not watchmen

Audio / Video Teachings

French >>>

Une Fissure Dans L’ Armure (Chink in the armour)

Ézéchiel Chapitres 8 Et 9 (Ezekiel chapter 8 & 9)

L’Histoire Future De L’église Partie 1 (Future History of the church Part 1)

L’histoire Future De L’église Parties 2 (Future History of the church Part 2)

Maison De David, Maison De Saül (Part 1 of 2) (House of David – House of Saul)

Le Livre De Jonas (Part 1 of 2) (Book of Jonah)

Ce Que Le Saint-Esprit Dit Expressement Concernant Les Derniers Jours (Last Days)

Les Principes De La Persécution (Principles of Persecution)

La Chute de la Maison de Saül (Fall of the house of Saul)

Comprendre« Le Mélange » (Understanding the mixture)

Les Fils de Tsadok (1ère Partie de 2) (Sons of Zadok)

La Typologie de l’Offrande du Grain (Partie 1 de 2) (Typology of the grain offering, P 1 & 2)

Tomber dans l’Esprit – Une perspective Midrash (Slain in the Spirit)

“Quand Dieu Parle” (When God Speaks)

Cette Génération (This Generation)

Le Règne du Roi Asa (Reign of King Asa)

Un Prophète Comme Moïse (Prophet like unto Moses)

Lier Et Délier (Part 1 of 2) (Binding and Loosing, Part 1 & 2)

L’Egypte, Babylone Ou La Paume De Dieu (Part 1 of 2) (Egypt, Babylon or Palm of God)

Elie: Un Homme Qui Pouvait Faire Pleuvoir (Elijah – Man who could make it rain)

Afrikaans >>>

‘n Skeur in die Wapenrusting

Die Lewndes en die Dooies en die Priesters van die Here

Die Sabbat

Die Mengsel

Die seuns van Sadok (Part 1 of 2)

Jesus in die Tuin.

Kersfees kom, Is jy Gereed?

Vloeke en Christene.

Wagters wat nie wagters is nie

Die Huis van Dawid en die Huis van Saul

Die Laaste Dae

Wat Is Midrasj?

Een Messias, Twee Verskynings

Die Boek Rut

Metatrone: Die Engel van die Here.

Hanukkah – Deel 1

Hanukkah: Deel 2

Hierdie Geslag!

Tipologie van die Dieet Wette.

Die Regering Van Koning Asa

Die Nuwe Galasiërs

‘N Skeur In Die Wapenrusting

Geestelike Oorlogvoering

Die kruis in die lewe van ‘n gelowige.

Elia, ‘n man wat reën gebring het

Is dit reg om te Oordeel (Recommended Reading)

Die Boodskap van Jona (Deel 1 van 2)

Die Huis van Dawid en die Huis van Saul

Japanese >>>

A Prophet Like Moses – Japanese

Abrahams Journey – Japanese

Book Of Ruth – Japanese

Burning Bush – Japanese

Christian Cult – Japanese

Christmas is Coming – Japanese

Church of Pergamum – Japanese

Curses and Christians – Japanese

Daughters of Zion – Japanese

Day Of The Lord – Japanese

Elijah, the man who could make it rain – Japanese

Ephesus – Japanese

Ezekiel 8 9 – Japanese

Ezekiel’s Scroll

Hannukah – Japanese

Buddhism Japanese

Judge Not – Japanese

Kashrut and Famine – Japanese

Mezuzot Part 1 – Japanese

Mezuzot Part 2 – Japanese

Midrash – Japanese

Midrash Garden 1 – Japanese

Midrash Garden 2 – Japanese

Once Saved Always Saved – Japanese

Sermons in Vietnamese >>>

CHÚA JESUS TRONG VƯỜN (Jesus in the Garden)

HÀNH TRÌNH CỦA ÁP-RA-HAM (Abraham’s Journey)

HÌNH THỂ HỌC VỀ CỦA LỄ CHAY (Typology of the Grain Offering)

MỘT THÂN THỂ BỊ ĐÓNG ĐINH (The Crucified Body)

Một Tiên Tri Như Môi-se (A Prophet Like Unto Moses)

Sermons in Polish >>>

Moriel online store

Moriel Online Store

The Future History of the Church, Part 1

The Future History of the Church, Part 2

The Future History of the Church, Part 3

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