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“Once Saved, Always Saved?”

by James Jacob Prasch

A detailed study as to what Scripture has to say about the doctrine which is often described by the label “once saved, always saved”.


I get a lot of letters, and no matter what people may think, I would say for every negative letter I or Moriel gets, I suppose there are a dozen good ones. But this week is not unusual in that I got a few letters from people who really like the fact that we do not agree with the Ecumenical Movement or they like the fact that we will stand against certain types of error and deception, but then they say, “But you don’t read the King James Bible”, or “You don’t believe ‘once saved, always saved’”, or “You don’t have a high view of the Reformation or the Reformers”. This becomes a barrier for them.

Eskatologie / Eschatology

For me, and for most of us, I do not like to think in those terms. I have a King James Bible and I read it. It is not the only one, but I read it although I prefer to read the inspired Scriptures in the original Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic, not a translation. I always emphasize the priority of the original languages. But if somebody wants to read the King James, it is no problem.

If somebody sees something different on certain issues than me, that is no problem for me. For me, baptizing babies is crazy – totally unbiblical, but I know people who love Jesus who do not think so.

I am Pre-Millennial. I do not understand how anyone reading the Scriptures from a Hebrew perspective can be anything other than Pre-Millennial, yet I know people who do not see it that way. Martin Lloyd Jones did not see it that way and he was a tremendous expository preacher.

These things are not problems for me. As long as the essentials of the faith are in no way impacted, I have no problem. As I have said many times, there are four issues where we divide with someone:

  1. Where they have a wrong view of Jesus or the Tri-Unity of the Godhead.
  2. Unrepentant immorality.
  3. Another way of salvation other than the Gospel (such as Sacraments or the like).
  4. Having another doctrinal authority other than Scripture.

If it is not one of those four things, I can fellowship with them; I cooperate with them in the Gospel. But some people do not see it that way.

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Once Saved, Always Saved? (PART ONE) – Jacob Prasch

Psalm 23

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