Fellowship Bible Chapel Presents Jacob Prasch with “The Broken Cistern”

In the Book of Jeremiah, Scripture warns us against trying to carry the water of life in broken cisterns crafted by their own hands. We are surrounded by an ever-increasing distortion of the Word of God, masquerading as truth, but corroded around the edges by a perversion of the truth. In this message entitled “The Broken Cistern”, Jacob hits us square between the eyes with the reality that much of what many believe to be Christianity in these times, are nothing more than sophisticated counterfeits of God’s truth that are leading folks down perilous paths and to an eternity of loss. This is a tough message, one of his strongest ever at FBC, and it should distinctly separate the wheat from the chaff. It will clear the confusion and deception that many find envelops them, paving the way for a reconciliation and relationship with the one, true God. Pray that hearts will be prepared and eyes opened with this powerful and emotionally-charged plea from our friend.

2017 09 03 FBC Presents Jacob Prasch “The Broken Cistern”

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We have to get oil!
Die tyd raak min, maak maar seker jou eskatologiese vertrekpunte is korrek!
We have to have discernment when talking about Eschatology withstanding the apostasy in the contemporary church that The Word of God warns would precede the return of Jesus. With the Conviction that ……

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