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Lifestyle C applies a strategic approach to the modern lifestyle…

There needs to be a fine balance between work and the other facets of one’s lifestyle. The art lies thereinSony Z2 552 to achieve this balance effectively. This balanced approach is central, because life is more than a goal that has to be achieved…

We work from a Christian perspective!

It is very easy to get caught up in your stressful routines, not seeing a way to meet the demands of everyday living. That is why you need the professional assistance of the Lifestyle C coaches whom will guide you to analyse and correct or enhance your lifestyle.

 Lifestyle C’s involvement

The work that Lifestyle C does, equips you with skills, enabling you to live your life in excellence on business, social, family and religious spheres, which are all, interrelated to one another.

Regardless of your situation anyone will benefit from this, seeing that Life Coaching will cover all the necessary aspects of your present lifestyle and as a result give you the options on how to improve quality of life as well as how to be more focused on your daily tasks.

Change can be good

When you start your journey with us, you will be introduced to the aspects of life that we feel are essential and sometimes much neglected. You may excel in one, or even most areas, but because you are finding difficulty to cope with a specific part of your life, you are prohibited in living a fulfilled life.

The Ketogenic Lifestyle

This doesn’t necessarily mean that one has to change every aspect of your life; sometimes it is only one aspect that needs some adjustment or alignment….

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First Coaching Consultation / Informal relaxed session

First Formal Session depending on Package

Phone call assistance / Skype

Email supportLifestyle Model Lifestyle C / Leefstyl C

Group Sessions

As scheduled and topics may differ.

Private Coaching
Introducing a balanced lifestyle.
Life coaching can be done in Individual as well as Group formats. Individuals and Partners / Spouses can be accommodated in sessions.

Business Sector Coaching
Optimal functioning in the workplace .
In the Business Sector work can be done with Senior management, Managers and Personnel to ensure optimal functionality…

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Additional information: Lifestyle C is based in Pretoria (Gauteng), South Africa – We can accommodate any client(s) for requested lifestyle sessions at a venue that is convenient for both parties. You can contact Danie Strydom for professional life coaching and alignment.

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