John Haller’s Prophecy Update “More Delusion” 2016 08 14

The Delusion continues.

The “Slippery Slope” argument, played down by left-wing progressive pundits, has steered us into dangerous territory. Now, adult-child sex is being discussed on the alleged merits that it may be “normal” and “natural” and therefore should not be considered taboo behavior.

Europe continues to crumble under the delusion that “helping” those supposedly fleeing persecution in Syria is the moral and right thing to do. However, this “Muslim Invasion” is nothing more than that. It is a holy war being fought without a single shot being fired. The long-term impact of this phenomenon will be a massive shift in the ideological and cultural shift that will change the face of Europe forever.

When one abandons not only the traditional cultural norms, the biological norms and the behavior norms in a society and a world, all you have left is chaos. And it is exactly this chaos that has tossed the world into a a death spiral of which there is likely no return.

This week’s message, entitled “More Delusion”, is a sobering examination of where we are as a society, a nation, and the world. Even so, we look to the One who is coming soon and who will make all things right again, our Lord Jesus Christ.

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