John Haller’s Prophecy Update “Prophecy-Leaks” 2016 10 30

Thanks for your patience. Due to reasons beyond our control we were unable to stream or upload today’s messages until late Sunday Night. But we can assure you…the wait will be worth it.

Despite the technical challenges (brought on by our content for you conspiracy-minded out there) John’s update this week looks at Sinead O’Conner’s…er, Rob Bell’s Triangular Whiteboard that is up for auction, Political Corruption, the potential for war in the Middle East and more.

Make sure not to miss John’s unusually passionate and emotional indignation that will challenge some of you to your very core on the issue of abortion. The charge is clear and our sound levels were spiking into the “Red Zone” during the tirade.

What he said, needs to be heard by anyone who claims Christ as their Savior.

As always, we appreciate your prayers and encouragement as we continue to move toward a “Convergence of Events” that will signal the soon return of the Lord.

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