John Haller’s Prophecy Update – “The Foolishness of God” 2016 09 04

When we get to the point that we select passages from Scripture that we like, while ignoring or downplaying those that we do not like, or to which society is resisting, we not only compromise Scripture but we sully God’s plan for His people. Certainly, the time has come when people have not, and will not put up with sound doctrine, because it doesn’t jive with societal tendencies (Read: Sin.)

From Andy Stanley, to the ongoing lies and coverups coming from our own American Government, the art of lying and deceiving is reaching a frenzied pace. The Believer is daily faced with an onslaught of half-truths, slight of hands, diversion and exaggeration of the events playing out in front of our very eyes.

Our adversary is on overdrive, manipulating the weak-minded and those not grounded in the Word of our Lord. And how does he do it? He subtly changes meaning and intent, as he did in the Garden when he asked “Did God really say?

God’s Word was given to by the Holy Spirit’s divine inspiration which breathed the words into men to record for those who did not witness the resurrection in person. It is God’s love letter to us. Once we decide to pick and choose those passages that are most palatable, that leads us down a path to certain destruction.

The World’s wisdom is a prescription for failure, but the perceived “Foolishness of God” is a path to eternal life for those who believe.

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