Minitennis program vir mense met spesiale behoeftes.


Pieter Brons 2016 Wêreld Trisome Spele

Minitennis program vir mense met spesiale behoeftes.

Basiese hand oogkoördinasieTennis LTA Minitennis

Bewegings vaardighede en balans

Gooi en vang vaardighede

Hantering van die tennisraket

Hantering van die ruimte waarbinne gespeel moet word deur die rol van die bal met die raket

Slaan van die bal met die raket

Puntetelling deur pennetjies bymekaar te maak vir elke punt wat gekry word.

Addisionele inligting


Jandrei en Pieter

Ons betrIMG-20151121-WA0009ek alle kinders by ons programme. Ons kom uit na die skool of perseel self ook!

Ons bied Minitennis vir almal aan by Zambesi Tennisklub.

By Laerskool Magalieskruin bou ons tennis in vir die Graad 0-3 kinders deur Minitennis in LO vir hulle aan te bied vir ’n tydperk elke kwartaal. Al die kinders in die skool se tennis en algemene hand-oog asook bewegings vaardigheid is besig om op te tel.

Ons bied elke kwartaal ’n week van Minitennis in KOP by Laerskool Magalieskruin aan

Player Development Programme >>>

 IMG-20160718-WA0009 IMG-20160718-WA0005

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Entry Level

These young guns will be introduced to tennis with simple ball skills and coordination skills in a fun and playful manner making use of the Red (enlarged) tennis ball on a Red court.

Beginner/Intermediate players

Players whose skill improves should mainly focus on fundamentals. As a coach and parent we would want them to start tennis and continue for as long as possible – hence the term “Play & Stay”

Entry Level

Red Court & Red Ball 

play-and-stay-red-ball Lifestyle C / Leefstyl CAlthough the entry level players still need to learn basic skills such as running, jumping, throwing and catching – Play tennis can be introduced at play-and-stay-red Lifestyle C / Leefstyl Ca very young age.

Agility, balance and coordination are some of the skills that can be taught, thus allowing the players to develop the required attributes in order to become a good tennis player. Speed and strength can be added at a later stage and is also a pre-requisite for tennis players.

The red ball can be rolled back and forth to each other on the red court in order to simulate a rally between two players. After this skill has been acquired, the ball can be played over the lowered net.

It depends on the player’s improvement how soon he/she will migrate to the next phase of the “Play & Stay” model.

Beginner/Intermediate players

Orange Court/Orange ball

These players should enjoy every moment on cplay-and-stay-orange-ball Lifestyle C / Leefstyl Court, improve basic physical skills (agility,play-and-stay-orange Lifestyle C / Leefstyl C balance and coordination) and also receive the necessary exposure to match play on court.

Mini-tennis is a great way to go about teaching these required skills to the young aspired tennis players. Everything these players do should be performance based. They should compete in low-key competitions at their school as well as inter-club competitions.

Green Court/Green ball

play-and-stay-green-ball Lifestyle C / Leefstyl Cplay-and-stay-green Lifestyle C / Leefstyl CBy now the more advanced players should be competing in organized competitions within their school, province, region and also nationally with the emphasis again on performance instead of outcome.

Tennis Competition vs Tennis Training should be managed at a ratio of 10/90 to 20/80. If this is followed using the “Games-based approach” you will ensure that adequate training is followed up with competition and thus allow these players to apply their skills in the match situation.

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