New restaurants in SA to visit this Spring

Baba G, Illovo
Baba G is the product of extensive food market partaking, and a love for bold Mediterranean flavours. The guys behind Tutto Paella Co. now offer a permanent residence to enjoy their soulful cooking. Baba G focuses on authentic free-range rotisserie chickens, served in flatbreads and in salads. Ingredients and flavours combine North African, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines. Dishes are prepared right before you and can be made for takeaway or eat-in, both prepared equally well.

Sushi Burrito, Melrose Arch
This modern and energetic Melrose Arch joint has based its offering on the sushi burrito, a trendy food hybrid that came out of the States a couple of years ago. The dedication to this innovative meal shows that it is here to stay, and it’s perfectly suited to Joburg’s on-the-go lifestyle. It’s both healthy and quick to prepare, which makes it an ideal lunch during work hours. The restaurant also serves bao, poké bowls and fusion Asian tapas, and offers a catering service on top of that.

Sticky Waffle, Bryanston
Sticky Waffle is brand new, opening on 1st September. The concept is simple: a dedicated waffle and coffee shop with the promise of serving light, fluffy waffles every time alongside good quality artisanal coffee. Their precise formula extends to the size of the waffle at 17cm, served with syrup for R16.90. Between 6:30 am and 10 am you can order the same waffle for R5 with the purchase of a hot drink. Now that’s a pretty sweet deal. They also serve a variety of toppings, as well as loaded waffles which are basically waffle toasties.

That Spot on 4th, Partktown North
This cute and cheerful café has been open for just three months now, and it has instantly become a neighbourhood gem. Its charm is held in its clean, bright space with simple decor that manages to make you feel like you’re by the seaside, with turquoise and Mediterranean-style tiles and crisp white walls. That Spot on 4th makes customers feel at ease with good food like filled croissants and waffles, and a friendly, welcoming atmosphere, that’ll make you want to stick around. They also have wifi. Bonus points!

Jarryds, CBD
Jarryds recently sprung up on Church Street, surprising us all, but with growing popularity in Sea Point, this extension makes perfect sense. The interior has been beautifully designed in a wash of stone hues, a minimal layout, and clean, sleek seating that suits both a quick coffee or a leisurely lunch. Customers can expect the same quality food and coffee, in a fresh, stylish environment that includes a small outside deck. Great for Summer!

Marrow Broth Bar, CBD
This is a very exciting new concept for Cape Town, and one that we are sure will be welcomed with open arms. Off the back of the ramen craze, comes another kind of soupy meal: bone broth. The owners behind Honest Chocolate and The Gin Bar have now opened Marrow, an ode to all things broth. The beauty of a bone broth is that it transcends various cultures and because of this it is a culinary staple that offers a huge variety of choice in its preparations and pairings. Marrow is embracing its versatility, serving breakfast broths, different types of meat broths and even a cup of broth to drink as is, if you so fancy. As always, quality is an essential part of the makeup for these restaurateurs, with bones sourced from Frankie Fenner. They also offer vegetarian broths.

Roast and Co., CBD
From the owners behind HQ, Roast and Co. will be sticking to their preferred style of the ‘mono menu’, but this time it’s chicken. A new addition to Shortmarket Street which is fast becoming the new Bree (thank goodness they’re friends!). Roast and Co. serves free-range Elgin chickens, roasted over open flames, seasoned and served on the bone. The menu is designed to reflect local culinary traditions as much as possible, with a focus on sustainable farming and sourcing, and minimising of waste.

95 at Parks, Constantia 
Giorgio Nava, well-known Cape Town Italian chef has now extended his offering to Constantia. His three restaurants, 95 Keerom, Carne and Carne Bistro are all well-established each with a notable position in Cape Town’s restaurant scene, making Nava’s extension to the burbs, well-timed and full of potential. The space alone is a triumph, set in a large Victorian house, with a beautiful conservatory, and various rooms creating a dynamic space and also offering private dining options. You can expect the same style of fine Italian food, as well as a hint of Carne’s quality meat cuts.

Wild Sprout, CBD
A young pair of foodies, passionate about keeping things farm fresh, sustainable and healthy, have realised their passion for food in Wild Sprout. They’ve only been open for about a week, and they hope to harness a bit of that country lifestyle and condense it into their café, reflecting the essence of nature. The space instantly soothes with soft natural wood accents and an altogether light, airy atmosphere. The wholesome food follows principles of farm-to-table, with everything served as fresh as can be, and prepared to promote balance and health conscious eating habits.

Davy Croquettes, Gardens
The dedicated food or drink item trend does not seem to be slowing down, confirmed again by this new dedicated croquette bar which opens on 2nd September. We have yet to hear of anyone who doesn’t enjoy a croquette, and now the answer to that last croquette on the plate is finally here. Order has many as you can handle at Davy Croquettes with flavours like date, bacon and goats cheese and chorizo, almond and harissa.

Kahvé Road, Claremont
Kahvé is a luxurious café specialising in fine coffee and specialised patisserie items. Situated in Cavendish Square mall, it offers shoppers a break from the crowded mall, with an indulgent menu and a lavish setting. They pride themselves on their unique quality coffee blends, blended just for them as well as dainty and delicious cakes and sweet treats which can be eaten-in or taken away. Breakfast is served all-day with options including their lemon poppy seed waffles and eggs Benedict served on a croissant.

Banks Burger, Loop Street
Banks have brought their authentic, made-from-scratch burgers to the CBD. After a year of operating in Newlands, they’ve made a name for themselves based on their high standard of quality, and traditional approach to burger making. Everything is made fresh, from the gherkins to the tomato sauce, and serving only a handful of burger varieties, they’ve been able to perfect their formula and food. The milkshakes are also not to be missed, with flavours like Milo and malt. They are situated towards the beginning of Loop Street, near Homage and Bardough by Jason .

Republik, Hillcrest
Republik has just opened its third branch in Hillcrest, spreading their love and sharing their good honest food to a new community. Their ethos of inclusivity, honesty and treading lightly in every aspect of their business, continues at their new restaurant, which sticks with their modern industrial, casual decor, and informal seating. Expect Tribe coffee, freshly baked cakes, classic breakfasts and the brilliant build-your-own-burger menu option.

Plan B Dessertery, Durban North
It’s not that new, opening in June, but it’s still in its infancy and because this place is bursting with sweetness and decadent over-the-top desserts, it deserves a mention. The signature dessert here is the bubble waffle, served like a wrap or shwarma, filled with ice cream, sprinkles and sauces of your choice, a concept they have brought to Durban from Hong Kong. Other novelty treats include sweet tacos and churro bites with a dip, or if you want to keep things classic, there are ice cream scoops and cones. Plan B will no doubt exceed all your dessert expectations.

Cowfish, Hazelwood
Cowfish proves that a restaurant does not need to stick to a particular cuisine.  These days a modern eatery can create its own niche formula, by just serving what people love. They’ve done just that, with a focus on burgers, sushi and dim sum. A few years ago, the combination might’ve sounded strange, but what could be wrong with creating a menu based on popular foods from different cuisines? Their approach to all their dishes is unique, crafting flamboyant plates of sushi and Asian-inspired concoctions. Burgers don’t spare on toppings either, piled on top of thick juicy patties, between a chunky bun. Sound good?

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