Prophecy Conference at Fellowship Bible Chapel, Dr. Randall Smith and John Haller 9-10 June 2018

2018 06 09 Dr. Randall Smith – Session 1- “Why Israel Matters”

2018 06 09 Dr Randall Smith – Session 2 – “He Who Has Ears To Hear”

In session, Dr. Randall Smith concludes his first message by naming names on those who have misinterpreted Israel’s importance to God. He then jumps right into his next session entitled “He Who Has Ears to Hear”. Scripture is clear on Israel’s right to her land, and our position as Gentile believers in His complete plan.

2018 06 09 John Haller – Session 3 – Prophesy to the Mountains of Israel

Are there archaeological evidences of Israel’s claim to the land? Join John Haller as he points out the physical discoveries, as well as the claims found throughout the Old Testament that support Israel’s right to possess the land promised to them by God in Session 3 of our 70th Anniversary Israel Celebration Weekend.

2018 06 09 Dr Randall Smith – Session 4 “From Here to Eternity”

Dr. Randall Smith wraps up his sessions by looking at the world and their misguided views on the person of God. He warns us against using our experiences to judge the “fairness” or “morality” of God and instead, understand that it is God who set the standard.
He walks us through the development of a Christian from stepping out on faith, all the way up to exhibiting agape love.

One of the best quotes of the day-long session occurred in this segment when Randy challenged us to accept godly discipline as love when he said

“We’ve got people running around in church saying ‘God, please lighten my load’ but God says ‘strengthen your back!’ ”

No one said that being a Christian would be easy, and scripture says quite the opposite. Standing up for right in a world of wrongs is tough, but we must as we draw closer to Him as we strive to shine in a world growing ever-darker.

2018 06 09 Randy Smith and John Haller – Session 5 – “Q&A on Israel”

Randy and John wrap up an amazing day of teaching with an extensive Q&A and interaction on the nation of Israel, taking both in-person and online inquiries from our extended FBC family. There’s some great info here, completely unprepared and off the cuff from two gifted speakers.

2018 06 10 John Haller’s Prophecy Update – “Decisions, Decisions”

In Daniel 9, the prophet speaks of things yet to come in the end times. He speaks of a coming covenant confirmed, the appearance of a great ruler, the desolation of the Holy of Holies and the need for people to flee into the wilderness. Ezekiel speaks of a coming conflict in which the carnage will be so great that rivers of blood will flow and it will take months to destroy all the weapons used and years to clean up the land.

Other prophetic passages speak of the pestilence, plague, fires and great catastrophes that lie in a holding pattern for the Lord to unleash at the precise moment He wills it. As Zechariah predicts, Israel will become “a cup of trembling” to the world. And we are now witnesses to all of these things beginning to align.

To many, these visions evoke a bit of fear and trepidation. However, to the believer, we recognize that these things must occur prior to the Lord’s visible return to the Mount of Olives to restore peace and reign again. Be still and know that He is still God.

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