Prophecy Update “End Time and Middle East Stupidity” by John Haller

Since the Brown vs. Board of Education, the public school system has made it a point to limit, ban, discourage, shut down, and criticize any expression of the Christian faith in the classroom or on the school grounds.

Citing the non-existent “Separation of Church and State” clause, they debunk any and all efforts to speak or act freely in accordance with one’s sincerely held religious beliefs.

Until now. Enter “Access Islam”, an approved curriculum being taught in many schools with the endorsement of educators everywhere.

As John points out in this week’s message entitled “End Time and Middle East Stupidity”, the march not only to the left, but toward Islam which is being embraced with open arms is a dangerous prospect for America, and all her allies. This attitude, combined with the gathering forces that are settling in around Israel has all the makings of an era of prophetic activity nearly unparalleled in history.

Stand your ground. We must stay strong, upright and faithful to spread the truth of God’s Word and the light of His promise to a world that does not fully understand their need for a Savior. Even Job recognized that His Redeemer was drawing near. We must remind ourselves to do the same, while standing firm in our convictions.

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