Prophecy Update – Tipping Points 2017 05 14 by John Haller

The world, in its ignorance, is racing rapidly a day of reckoning. The recent election of Marcon of France, raises many questions about the future of Europe. Erdogan is rattling his spiritual sabre. Millions of Muslim’s are waiting to rush into Europe, setting off a population bomb that will fulfill the second arm of Jihad. Will it be Muslim controlled within 10 years?

And then there’s the professor who attempts to make the argument that showing graphic pictures of dismembered babies is akin to “child pornography”, proving that people who are wise in their own minds are complete reprobate when it comes to simple understanding and application of logic. He says this, while denying that it was a “child” that was murdered.

And this “logic” is perfectly acceptable in our institutions of higher learning known as colleges and universities.

As usual, there is too much going on to cover it all in one session, but John gives us enough info to again reinforce the notion that we are certainly racing toward the convergence of the events that will culminate in the physical return of Christ to the earth.

This week, John looks at the increasing frequency of the world to race away from the very foundations upon which the Creator established for us to live. The rampant race toward every possible way to violate the standards which God has created is moving at an exponential clip…the more shocking and vile the perversions, the more society lauds it as free-expression and their ‘rights.”

There is a day coming when our Redeemer will return and all of this rebellion and nonsense will be ended. Until that time, we must stay alert and aware, with our lamps filled with oil, so that we may warn those who flirt with an eternal disaster of inconceivable punishment.

God made the rules for our good…and when men pervert them, nothing good comes of it. Be on guard…the “Convergence” is happening more rapidly that any realize, racing to a day when we meet our Lord face-to-face.

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