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RTN is designed to operate as a multifaceted independent platform for webcasting, complete with its own server, technical crew, TV channels, RTN Christian Radio, its own Facebook page and blog site as well as podcasting and its own App. Though still in joint development by Genesis Christian Radio, Azimuth Radio / TV, Moriel, Devore Truth, Fellowship Bible Chapel, Apologetics Coordinating Team (ACT) and others, it has been no small venture.

The question is : WHY?

Most of Social Media has gravitated in the direction of mainstream media, censoring anything they ideologically do not like. In an effort to control public thought and circumvent the American First Amendment, stifle free speech etc. , Social Media is increasingly biased and devoid of integrity. This has certainly become true in the political sphere with pro left wing ideology governing allowed content, but on issues concerning Pro-Life activism,  Disagreement with homosexuality & lesbianism, fair criticism of Islam etc., Christian interests are progressively being stifled with anti Christian censorship.

What is more troubling is that propagators and promoters of heretical doctrine and apostasy have in cases we are aware of, lied and fabricated charges with mediums such as Youtube to silence more scripturally based voices of opposition to their demonic doctrines and practices. Even where ‘fair use’ citations of videos have been made, the capacity of players in the apostate church to lie, falsely claiming copyright violations etc., has been unbelievable.

The rapid pace of change since the coved 19 outbreak from China and its impact on the church and its challenge to the Freedom of Christians has been an avalanche as has been increasing anti Semitism and Jew hatred. There has been politically motivated censorship of Israel, while Iran is allowed to demand Israel’s violent destruction on Social Media. Conservative voices are unjustly  being branded and banned as racists, while truly bigoted voices on the radical left are allowed to sing their venom like a chorus  intoxicated canaries. Ultimately however, pro life, pro mIsrael,  and pro heterosexual marriage voices among Christians are being equated to political hate speech.

Just as independent media has been the only viable alternative to mainstream media, independent Social Media platforms with their own servers and apps are the only alternative to the direction most of mainstream Social Media has veered, and this certainly includes YouTube  & Twitter.

To proclaim the authentic message of Jesus and His Return as is taught in God’s Word, saved Christians can no longer rely on secular social media respecting First Amendment rights, or Freedom of Speech. Freedom of Religion itself is already under attack.

We must have an alternative outlet while there is still time remaining.

We are not wanting to sound alarmist, but we must be realistic.

This is why we have RTN TV & Radio. Please join us. Please subscribe. Please get the App. Visit us on

By God’s grace we promise to deliver to you Christ centred and Scripturally based ministry. We need your participation, but we covet your prayers.

Sincerely in The Love & Service of Christ. JJ Prasch & Moriel Ministries

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