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    Oct 21 9:40 AM

    We are involved in multiple issues at present. Always we work as a team
    with other organisations fighting the same causes. Please put these issues
    on your prayer list and consider volunteering your time and/or financial
    support to speak up for Christian faith in the public arena. God helps us
    in miraculous ways that we cannot always publish in the public domain.
    Miracles follow prayer. This is not a natural battle.

    1. ABORTION: A challenge was filed on Friday 21st October in the
    Johannesburg High Court by a group of mothers of adopted babies saved from
    abortion arguing the current abortion law infringes on the rights of unborn
    babies and is unconstitutional. The intention is to take this to the
    Constitutional Court. If your organisation would like to join as an amicus
    curaie (friend of the court) to this case, email attorney peter@…

    2. ISRAEL: Today, a group of Christian leaders including ADCP leaders
    Kenneth Meshoe and Steve Swart held a demonstration outside parliament
    against the governments welcoming of Hamas leader and calling for reduced
    travel to Israel. Keneth Meshoes media statement answers their slur that
    Israel is an apartheid state

    * We await the decision of the Constitional Court on the De Lange case which
    seeks to take away the rights of churches to discipline those who contract
    same-sex marriages.
    * The Jon Qwelane case is due to go to court and is critically important to
    protection of religious freedom.

    4. The Dutch Reformed Church (NGK) by around a two thirds majority has
    tragically affirmed the right of individual congregations to determine
    policy on same sex sexual relationships, but not ‘Same-sex marriage’. While
    they may have thought this last point would appease Biblical Christians,
    actually it is worse than affirming so-called ‘same sex marriage’ – because
    by implication they then say sex outside marriage is okay – which means then
    they can’t logically take an absolute position against promiscuity or
    adultery either. The NGK has decayed primarily because their theological
    institutions e.g. Pretoria and Stellenbosch theology departments have
    abandoned the authority of the Bible. We have known this for a long time,
    but now it is obvious for all to see. More information at Those
    wanting to fight this should email hetta37@…
    North West University is the only University Theological department that is
    still reasonably safe and is not aligned with the NGK.

    Similar battles have been fought in the NGK for a hundred and fifty years,
    nevertheless at this point the theological liberals are in such a majority
    that it is difficult to see how biblical Christianity can survive except by

    * The government has proposed draft legislation to curb the powers of school
    governing bodies, which we are studying and plan to strongly oppose since
    this would hurt parental rights and religious freedom.
    * The Department of Education has filed an affidavit yesterday affirming
    Kader Asmals notorius ‘Religion in Education Policy’. This is very negative
    for religious freedom in schools. We are studying it and will respond to
    them and the courts. We continue to assist in the court case to defend the
    rights of school governing bodies to determine religious policy.
    * The Human Rights Commission and the Western Cape Education Department sent
    correspondence at the instigation of the anti-God lobby against a state
    school in the Western Cape affirming the same notorious policy. We are
    assisting the school in defending their Religious Freedom rights.

    The Roman Catholic Church has traditionally and officially taken a firm
    stand against sex outside of marriage including same-sex sexual
    relationships and sex education outside of parental control. This is was
    challenged by certain church leaders, particularly German ones, at Vatican
    Synod on the Family last year – something that has shocked and dismayed
    traditional Catholics. It was voted down by the majority. Insiders report
    that South Africa’s Cardinal Wilfred Napier played a positive role.
    Nevertheless, the same proposals are back on the table at present at a
    reconvened Synod. We are lobbying the Roman Catholic Church to clarify its
    position and dismiss and take disciplinary action against those making these
    proposals. Pope Francis, unlike his predecessors has sent out ambiguous
    messages in the media. Criticisms of the Papacy by lay leaders have never
    been as strong in five hundred years. Lay Catholics are asking about these
    dissenting Cardinals “Don’t they read the Bible?”.

    The Draft Film and Publications Bill if passed, could be used to curb
    Christian free speech on the internet as ‘hate speech’. More information to


    * Many universities have been shut down for the past few days with riots
    over fee increases. Nevertheless, those rioting give no useful proposal for
    how the university is supposed to save money to lower fees.
    * ChristianView Network have written to repeat our call for the universities
    to close or re-deploy units that are attacking religious freedom and family
    virtues, such as the sexual revolutionary HAICU and University of Cape Town.
    Write to Max Price to call for UCT to stop wasting student fees on sexual
    revolutionary activists promoting perversion, gender confusion and
    undermining marriage and religious freedom vc@… At University of
    Pretoria, the Centre for Human Rights sued a Christian guest house for
    refusing to admit a homosexual couple. Please
    email University of Pretoria to ask them to stop wasting student fees and
    taxpayers money on this anti-Christian activist group
    * We also draw to the attention of rioting students that their rioting
    imposes a cost on the university which someone has to pay for – the cost of
    damage to property, lost productivity and .

    * A debate was held in August between two Philosophy lecturers, Professor
    Benatar (who argued for legal euthanasia) and Tom Angier (who argued
    against). Both sides argued their case very well. Significantly a
    pro-euthanasia medical doctor said after the debate that she had changed her
    views in response to the arguments of medical abuses put forward by Tom
    * At this medical seminar, I publicly challenged Sean Davidson of Dignity SA
    how he could expect a future euthanasia law to be well regulated by the
    government, when he himself had confessed to doing a euthanasia of someone
    not terminally ill which was thus against his initial criteria. I also
    asked him to clarify whether he had as alleged done a third euthanasia. He
    dodged the question. I then repeated the challenge in a letter published in
    the Cape Times. There has been no answer. They have a lot to say in the
    media all the time, but won’t answer this question.
    Please email and ask him to answer the question at: seand@… or
    ask their admin officer to try get an answer lee@…
    * We continue to work on the court case against euthanasia. The next set of
    papers are due to be filed early December and the appeal will likely be
    heard early 2016.

    Please print out this email to remember these issues in prayer and forward
    to others to keep them informed.

    Yours sincerely,

    Philip Rosenthal


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