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The most important thing to keep in mind when purchasing sports equipment is definitely safety and comfort. The reason for this is very simple, because you can just imagine playing any racquet sport, for example, with a racquet that is too heavy or trainers that are too small for you.

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We should see exercise as an investment. The time you spend in the gym or on the track is contributing towards your general health. Those of you who exercise regularly will know just how good you feel after a good practice session.

We can assist and refer for any need in this regard.

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Court Specialists

Contact us for the best prices on the installation of Tennis Court Lights and All weather surfaces for:

– New Courts
– Court Renovations
– Resurfacing
– Re-fencing
– Basketball & Netball Courts

Court Lights / Baanbeligting

Court Surfaces

Clay Courts
Until the 1980’s Europe consisted of predominantly clay courts. There are 2 types of clay, red clay – mostly found in Europe and South America and Grey (Har-Thru) – found in North America. Because of the softness of clay, the ball “digs” into the court and therefore loses a lot of its pace. This is suitable for players who favor the baseline more than rushing to the net every now and then!

Hard Courts
These courts fall into two categories: Porous and non-porous (impervious). The first hard court tournaments were hosted during the 1940’s. Hard courts can be used in a variety of whether conditions, although it is not wise to play on them when wet… This court surface will definitely benefit the big server!

Grass Courts
Until 1973 the international circuit was predominantly grass-based. The grass at Wimbledon is mowed to a height of 8mm (1/3 in). When “baked” in continuous sunlight, the grass court can become hard and will therefore allow for the ball to bounce higher than usual.

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