THE END TIMES: Short Videos


What is truth? D Harris 3:00

Why believe what you believe? D Harris 1:59

Eschatology – The end times J Prasch 2:31

Are prophecies self-fulfilled? J Prasch 2:00

Bible vs Nostradamus J Prasch 3:50

What is Biblical prophecy? J Prasch 3:14

Prophecy and prediction J Prasch 4:22

The Messiah in prophecy J Prasch 5:12
War in the Middle East J Prasch 3:52

The abomination of desolation J Prasch 3:20
Rebuilding the temple J Prasch 4:47
What is the rapture? J Prasch 4:11

What is the millennium? J Prasch 4:39

Pre, A or Post millennialism? J Prasch 4:54

Are we in the last days? J Prasch 1:14

Global control J Prasch 4:20

How is mankind being deceived? R Oakland 2:24

Is the media biased? J Prasch 4:48

Israel in prophecy 1 J Prasch 3:22

Israel in prophecy 2 J Prasch 3:13

Modern Israel predicted? J Prasch 5:11

Maths validate biblical manuscripts? J Prasch 2:42

Who or what is satan? J Prasch 1:21

What is the antichrist? J Prasch 4:33

666 – The number of The Beast J Prasch 5:06

A world religion and peace? R Oakland 2:21

What’s wrong with wanting peace? R Oakland 2:30

What is Armageddon? J Prasch 1:27

Armageddon J Prasch 4:08

Do Christians want Armageddon? J Prasch 2:30

UFOs & ETs: What the Bible says J Prasch 13:20

Is there any escape? J Prasch 4:23

Cain / Abel Olivet Discourse 1 J Prasch 13:57

Cain / Abel Olivet Discourse 2 J Prasch 5:46

Biblical Interpretation J Prasch 4:59

Examples of fulfilled prophecy J Prasch 2:31

Prophecies still to be fulfilled? J Prasch 4:03

Prophecies on TDP J Prasch 1:50

Haven’t there always been disasters? J Prasch 7:09

Blood sacrifice in the millennium J Prasch 3:14

Searching for the truth J Prasch 6:15

Falling away from Biblical truth D Harris 2:35

Bible Prophecy no longer taught? J Prasch 4:04

Why did Christianity mutate? J Prasch 2:29

Why isn’t the gospel preached today? J Prasch 4:17

What is spiritual apostasy? R Oakland 2:07

How to recognise deception R Oakland 1:59

Jews grafted back in P Williams 1:06

The Lords coming P Williams 3:58

Rapture J Prasch 44:05

Tribulation viewpoints J Prasch 6:03

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We have to get oil and you will not get it from them!

Die tyd raak min, maak maar seker jou eskatologiese vertrekpunte is korrek!

We have to have discernment when talking about Eschatology withstanding the apostasy in the contemporary church that The Word of God warns would precede the return of Jesus. With the Conviction that ……

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