The Evolution Conspiracy by Roger Oakland and Caryl Matrisiciana

The “fruit” of evolutionary beliefs—abortion, promiscuity, drugs, homosexuality, etc.—is promoted at the expense of traditional values. And the logical extensions The Evolution Conspiracyof scientific evolutionism—cosmic consciousness, occultism, New Age thinking—have taken an unwary and uneducated public (and church) by storm.

Christians and Christian churches everywhere are embracing evolution as God’s method of creation as they rush to endorse, accommodate, and adopt ungodly practices and thought to their own detriment. God’s people everywhere need to be called back to the truth before it is too late.

Others have written on such subjects before, but Caryl Matrisciana and Roger Oakland add a new dimension. Their persistent sleuthing has uncovered many a connection between the occult and evolution that were previously undetected. Truly there is an evolutionary conspiracy, and it can no longer be ignored by God’s people.—From the Foreword by Dr. John Morris (President Emeritus of the Institute for Creation Research (ICR)

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