The Global Vision Channel – Ethics

Ethics >>>
Life & Death
When does life begin? G Purdom 1:43
Is there a good death? T Mitchell 1:02
Why does God allow suffering? T Mitchell 1:38
What about suicide? T Mitchell 2:00
Euthanasia T Mitchell 3:13
Doctors and abortion T Mitchell 2:17
Ethical abortions D Menton 5:26
Hope for young people T Mitchell 3:02
What do you say to evolutionists? T Mitchell 2:22
Medical Ethics
Stem cells and cloning T Mitchell 3:16
Gender identity T Mitchell 3:32
Homosexuality D Menton 6:03
Dr Mitchell – Introduction T Mitchell 1:23

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Eschatology >>>
We have to get oil!

Die tyd raak min, maak maar seker jou eskatologiese vertrekpunte is korrek!

We have to have discernment when talking about Eschatology withstanding the apostasy in the contemporary church that The Word of God warns would precede the return of Jesus. With the Conviction that ……

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