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Spiritual Deception / Geestelike Misleiding

Why believe what you believe? D Harris 1:59

What is truth? D Harris 3:00

Searching for the truth J Prasch 6:15

The Bible – literal or allegorical? J Prasch 1:41

How is mankind being deceived? R Oakland 2:24

What is spiritual apostasy? R Oakland 2:07

Who or what is satan? J Prasch 1:21

What is the antichrist? J Prasch 4:33

666 – The number of The Beast J Prasch 5:06

Do all roads lead to God? R Oakland 2:19

Is Christianity true or false? D Harris 2:39

Christian groups and deception 1 D Harris 2:04

Christian groups and deception 2 D Harris 2:10

God allows us to be deceived? R Oakland 2:19

How to recognise deception R Oakland 1:59

How can I know true Christianity? D Harris 3:01

Why isn’t the gospel preached today? J Prasch 4:17

Why did Christianity mutate? J Prasch 2:29

Cults J Prasch 12:19

Christianity a unique religion? C Matrisciana 2:55

What is the biblical gospel? J Prasch  5:59+

Deception: Another gospel? R Oakland 2:13

What is a cult? D Harris 2:52

Falling away from Biblical truth D Harris 2:35

Do people know they are in a cult? D Harris 2:35

How can I help a cult member? D Harris 3:10

What is a Christian cult? D Harris 1:46

Contemplative prayer or babble? D Harris 3:03

Signs and wonders 1 R Oakland 1:54

Signs and wonders 2 R Oakland 1:56

Christians turning to Mysticism 1 C Matrisciana 1:40

Christians turning to Mysticism 2 C Matrisciana 2:01

Replacement Theology A Fruchtenbaum 2:29

Apparitions at Fatima? R Oakland 2:14

Queen of heaven? R Oakland 2:24

Who can I trust? R Oakland 2:11

What is Yoga? C Matrisciana 3:13

The physical aspects of Yoga C Matrisciana 2:15

Can a Christian do yoga? C Matrisciana 1:57

Yoga and Christianity D Harris 3:31

What is Reincarnation? C Matrisciana 3:17

Reincarnation D Harris 3:27

Reincarnation or Resurrection? C Matrisciana 3:29

Who are you to judge others? R Oakland 2:09

A world religion and peace? R Oakland 2:21

What’s wrong with wanting peace? R Oakland 2:30

Replacement Theology D Harris 6:08

The New Age: An introduction D Harris 2:58

The New Age in the church D Harris 3:12

The New Age Beliefs D Harris 3:11

The New Age: The outcome D Harris 3:22

What about Martial Arts? C Matrisciana 2:36

Alternative Therapies: DH 1 D Harris 2:20

Alternative Therapies: DH 2 D Harris 2:15

Alternative Therapies: CM 1 C Matrisciana 3:26

Alternative Therapies: CM 2 C Matrisciana 3:53

Spiritual implications of evolution? C Matrisciana 2:13

Is Halloween a biblical holiday? C Matrisciana 7:01

What is the occult? 1 D Harris 2:57

What is the occult? 2 D Harris 2:59

Warning 1 D Menelaws 3:08

False Teachings 2 D Menelaws 6:10


Altered state of consciousness 3 D Menelaws 1:37


Spiritual deception 4 D Menelaws 3:52


Do not be deceived 5 D Menelaws 3:59


Warnings to the Church – All 5 D Menelaws 17:26

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