The “New Intifada” Direct from Moriel Israel

Dear All,Moriel Ministries - God is my teacher

This is our overview of what is happening, it can’t be exhaustive, too much is happening and I can’t pretend that this is an in depth analysis either, but perhaps it will give Moriel supporters an idea of what is going on. The news over here and the blogs are full (of course) of reports on this “new intifada,”–though whether it is an intifada or not is a matter of debate; but over here it is called the gal-ha-terror, the “terror wave”. It has so far lacked the cohesion and concerted nature of a general uprising, but consists more of “lone wolf” attacks, so called. In one sense these kind of attacks are far more terrifying, because they are not localised, they can occur anywhere (thankfully not in our town so far), and even the Moslem friend or trusted Moslem Arab worker that you have known for years can turn into a killing machine. The attacks are not just being perpetrated by the unemployed or the “poor and disadvantaged” sectors of Palestinian society either; one of the recent attacks in Jerusalem was perpetrated by a Moslem employee of Bezek (our national telecom and phone company and in which jobs are coveted) who drove his company car into a group of pedestrians mowing some down, then leapt out and proceeded to stab them. Read more >>>

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