Will AI Make Men Like Gods? Oxford Professor John Lennox Responds

In this episode of Ideas Have Consequences, Larry sits down with

Dr. John Lennox, mathematician, bioethicist, Christian apologist,

and author of 2084 Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Humanity,

to discuss artificial intelligence, transhumanism, and life after death.


00:00 – Yuval Noah Harari: Divine Abilities?

00:45 – Dr. John Lennox Introduction

01:58 – Atheism and Artificial Intelligence

04:05 – Yuval Noah Harari Interview

06:49 – Dr. John Lennox’s Response to Yuval Noah Harari: Can Humans Become Gods?

09:10 – Yuval Noah Harari’s Big Error

11:00 – Uploading Brains

11:57 – The Human Desire to be God

13:34 – Yuval Noah Harari Is Not a Scientist

14:50 – A Discussion About the Soul

18:30 – Transhumanism Definition

20:20 – God vs. Artificial Intelligence

24:42 – Man’s Attempt to Create a New Man

26:44 – AI Taking Over the World

28:40 – Paradox of Pain

30:17 – 2084 Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Humanity

31:05 – AI, World Government, and the Mark of the Beast

35:17 – Spirit of Lawlessness

36:40 – Metaphors in Scripture Point to What Is Real

38:12 – Eternal Life

41:13 – Fear of Death Equals Moral Slavery

42:54 – True Meaning Cannot Be Found in this World

43:55 – Christian Hope Transcends Death

45:35 – Covid Revealed Our Terror of Death

46:53 – Dr. John Lennox and Richard Dawkins Debate Story

01:02:17 – Richard Dawkins Ideological Children

01:04:30 – Dr. John Lennox: A Student of C.S. Lewis

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